Sunday, June 6, 2010

Crazy in Alabama by Mark Childress

Crazy in Alabama Crazy in Alabama by Mark Childress
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I loved this book, which seems an odd proclamation to make about a book whose cover depicts decapitation, but it's true. Childress kept me guessing and I loved the way the story was told from two family members' P.O.V. who were on two totally different paths. I loved Milton; what a rich and endearing addition he was, especially for someone who is meant to be a background / supporting character. Both story lines were extremely interesting and I was sad when the book came to a close; I would've gladly joined Peejoe and Lucille on further life adventures. Great read!

I know this is a book that I'll think about from time to time, which for me is a sign that I really got into it. My favorite books are the ones that pop into my mind months after I finish them and I realize I'm still trying to envision the character or setting, or answer a question left open-ended in the novel. I also sometimes think of the one other book by Mark Childress that I read with fervor almost a year ago, One Mississippi. I'll post my September 2009 review of it below. His writings definitely have staying power! I will definitely be reading more of his work. He has a way of writing about shocking events in life without making them depressing or have them define a character's entire existence. He has a knack for writing about people, not just one-dimensional novel characters. In short, Mr. Childress is the bomb.

One Mississippi: A Novel One Mississippi: A Novel by Mark Childress

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
It was a bit hard to rate a book "Really Liked It" that ends the way this one does (I won't spoil anything for you, no worries); but the earlier portions of the book led me to say I did really enjoy it. I wrote down so many humorous quotes from this book and I really enjoyed the whole "Yankee-returning-to-the-south" theme and the way the author illustrated the 70's so perfectly through music, clothing and pop culture. This book was kind of manic to me in that I was expecting a humorous fish out of water/coming of age tale (since the reviews on the book's cover all tout it's hilarity) but it was chock full of serious, heart-breaking events. The author did a good job of injecting plenty of humor, but no amount could have made up for the semi-shocking (only semi b/c you felt something like this was coming) conclusion.

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