Wednesday, November 27, 2013

REVIEW! | LUSH Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

LUSH Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub is like a blast of salty, citrusy refreshment!  I love this scrub for exfoliating my body; it's particularly good at removing the bumps on the backs of my arms.  It smells really fresh and I can definitely detect the lime but not in an overpowering way.  The large and small salt grains really get the job done and leave my skin feeling incredibly soft.  I personally love a body scrub that isn't overly oily because it keeps my tub from turning into a dangerously slick highway to hell, and I just prefer the feel of clean skin.  The inclusion of coconut oil and avocado butter leave my skin feeling hydrated post-shower, without any oiliness.
I find the large salt granules a bit too rough for use on my face.  I prefer something with finer grains for a gentler exfoliation there.
Ocean Salt has a beautiful, lightweight consistency chocked full of exfoliating salt grains.

One of my only gripes about this product is the price.  You don't get that many uses out of the $21.95 USD 4.2 oz pot when you use this as a body scrub before you're close to hitting tub.  

Performance-wise, Ocean Salt is up there for me with my #1 favorite body scrub, Soap & Glory's The Scrub of Your Life.  If you like serious exfoliating power in a non oily scrub, you'll probably find something to love about Ocean Salt.

My Rating: B+
Cost: $21.95 for 4.2 oz
Where to Buy: LUSH

Sunday, November 24, 2013

A week of Naked2

During last week's Urban Decay Naked3 pre-release hysteria, I decided to bust out Naked2.  I held off on buying Naked2 for a loooooooong time because I was so happy with the original Naked palette and used it on a near daily basis.  I'd been curious about Naked2, but didn't feel the need to add it to my collection until I swatched it at ULTA and swooned over 2 shades: YDK, a cool bronze, and Pistol, a light brownish-gray taupe.  Buying just those two individual shades would have cost $36, so I decided to spend the extra money and get the whole palette which included 12 shadows, a double-ended brush, and a lip gloss.  

Since I brought it home, I've been pretty devoted to YDK and most of the other shadows have gone unloved.  I figured it was high time that I played the proverbial shadow field!  Last week I challenged myself to use only Naked2 every morning to create different eye looks.  Here's what I came up with!
Brow bone: Bootycall
Lid: YDK
Inner Crease: Half Baked
Liner: UD Mushroom 24/7 Liner
Mascara: Maybelline Lash Discovery

Brow bone: Bootycall
Lid: Pistol
Crease: Busted
Liner: MAC Lord it Up
Mascara: MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash

Brow bone: Foxy
Inner corner: Bootycall
Lid: Snakebite
Bottom lash line: Snakebite
Crease: Tease
Liner: Snakebite (wet)
Mascara: MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash

Brow bone: Bootycall
Lid: Chopper, Bootycall patted on center of lid
Crease: Tease
Liner: MAC Designer Purple
Mascara: MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash

Brow bone: Foxy
Lid: YDK
Liner: Urban Decay Whiskey 24/7 Liner topped with Snakebite
Mascara: MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash

My favorite look was Tuesday.  I love Pistol!
When I first saw pictures of Naked3, I was really excited because pink-toned shades work best with my skin tone!  I signed up (using 2 different email addresses just to be SURE) at Urban Decay's site to be notified when Naked3 was available.  I woke up Thursday morning and checked my Instagram feed and there was a comment from Sarah at OneStarryNight alerting me that Naked3 was up on the UD site!  I may or may not have run to the computer.  :)  I was able to purchase Naked3 before it went out of stock and it's set to arrive tomorrow!  Sarah, THANK YOU!  Because of your awesomeness, I was able to get it!  Had I waited to receive the notification email from UD, it would have already been sold out!  
What's your favorite shadow combo plate from Naked2?  Did you pick up Naked3 before it went out of stock?  Are you planning to get it when it's available again?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

in the {beauty} bag: Lily from Chloe.Ash Beauty Blog

in the {beauty} bag is a series that gives you a peek into the makeup and skincare lives of some of my favorite ladies!  Today we're chatting with Lily from Chloe.Ash Beauty Blog.  Prepare for giggles!
A bit of introduction: Hi!  I’m Lily from Chloe.Ash Beauty Blog.  I’m a full time working mother of 2 who juggles hyperactive attention seeking toddlers and blogging...because sleep is so overrated.  My husband is my childhood sweetheart, then we went our separate ways during college and somehow, fate brought us back together.  I work in a conservative environment and no one would have guessed I have a beauty blog.  Those who don’t know me think I look arrogant but those who do know I’m just a goof who has the ability to turn any conversation dirty >_< Because hey, dirty jokes are good laughs and looks can be deceiving.  I am fickle for most parts since sticking to one thing sounds boring, but if it’s something I love, I am extremely loyal.  Sounds like a typical Leo?  That’s because I am!  Something you don’t know (but do now)?  I am double jointed so I have freaky bendable fingers, and I have perfect pitch so listening to people sing out of tune is the worst torture for me.

1. You are told you're going to be left on a deserted island and you have 5 minutes to pack a beauty bag (because this is totally possible!). What do you grab?
Sunscreen!  Lots and lots of them.  A huge hat and if possible, a huge umbrella...because it’s also possible to stuff all these things in my bag.  Sounds like I’m afraid of the sun, and erm, it may really be that way >_<  Other than that, lip balm and lots of drinkable water.  I’m surprised there are no makeup items in here...never thought of any! 

2. If you could have a $1,000 beauty shopping spree, a) where would you go and b) what would be the first item you'd buy? 
a) I’d stay at home to save some money on travelling – because duh!  There’s online shopping... 
b) Erm, I’d probably put everything into one basket and click checkout at the same time so....the first item would be shiteloads? LOL! 

3. What's the first makeup you remember wearing? How old were you? 
I think it was lipstick.  It was the easiest to steal from my mom and it’s also a multi tasker for painting and drawing.  I think I was 5? 

4. If you had to give up lipstick or nail polish for a year, which would you choose? 
Nail polish, without a doubt.  My nails are usually naked anyway, but without a lipstick, I REALLY feel naked >_< 

5. What was your last beauty purchase? Are you happy with it? 
I recently purchased lots of skincare, you know, getting old and all that...and one of them was the Pai skincare starter set which comes with a full sized eye cream for free.  It was an awesome deal for great products.  

6. What movie/tv show/song/actor/singer/band inspired you to try something different with your makeup? 
Erm, I don’t watch enough movies / tv to get inspired...unless I wanted to look like Sophia the First, or someone from Slugterra? LOL! 
7. Name 5 of your absolute favorite HG products and why you love them. 
1. Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF50 because sunscreen is important and this one makes it feel like I’m not wearing any.
2. Shu Uemura H9 brow pencil in Stone Grey because my brows are sparse and I need to fill them, and this one makes me look like I have natural full brows. 
3. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum (I went through bottles of this) for glowing flawless skin. It makes all other skincare work even better. 
4. Dior Lip Maximizer for plump moisturized lips, and also because I’m addicted to the lipgasm it gives me. 
5. Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream – I never thought I’d include a hand cream but this one keeps my hands comfortable without any grease. Love the smell too. 

8. What was your gateway product? You know, the one that took you from beauty curious to beauty junkie! 
I think it started with a limited edition eye palette from Dior.  If I’m not mistaken, it was the Smoky Jazz eye palette which I still use to date.  Then, I was sucked deeper into the black hole, and never came out since.  In fact, I enjoy pulling people into the black hole with me.  I’m evil! 

9. What beauty-related thing are you not so great at? 
Anything nail related. I’m craptastic at nail stuff. 

10. The holidays are right around the corner and everyone's releasing their seasonal bounty. What do you hope Santa brings you this year? 
Uummm... I’ve been wanting to try something from Bite, and that blush palette from Tarte looks mighty tempting.  I’ve also been looking at some brushes from Hakuhodo and Tom I hope Santa brings me everything? Hahahahaha! 

11. If you could go back in time and give yourself some advice when you were just learning about makeup and skincare, what would you tell yourself? 
“Sit on your hands and stop touching your face.  Stop picking on the little spots damn it!!  I’d rather you bite your fingers off!!”  Or something like that.  

12. One palette to rule them all. What's your can't-live-without-it palette? 
That’s tricky.  A few weeks ago, I’d say the Urban Decay Naked palette because even though it’s hyped up, it really is one of my faves.  I’m a neutral girl all the way.  But now that I have my LORAC Pro Palette, I feel like this one trumped all my other palettes!  I dunno... I’m torn...

Be sure to follow Lily on bloglovin so you don't miss any of her fabulous beauty posts!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

REVIEW! | Is the NARS Guy Bourdin Lip Fling Set smooch-worthy?

It was love at first sight when I first clapped eyes on the promo pics of the Holiday 2013 NARS Guy Bourdin Lip Fling gift set.  2 sheer lipsticks, 2 lip pencils, and a red lacquered lip-shaped box?  Yes, please!
The NARS sheer lipstick formula is one I enjoy.  {Cruising review here and Love Devotion review here.}  The inclusion of Vitamin E makes the formula apply like a creamy, comfortable balm and the sheer colors can be built up to medium opacity with a few extra swipes.  Both Damage, described as a "sheer muted grape", and Roman Holiday, a sheer hot pink, (both are full size) wore well for about 2.5 hours.  Side note: Roman Holiday is one of my personal all-time favorite lip colors!  
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita (mini), a dusty rose, was surprisingly comfortable for a matte lip product.  It lasted about 4 hours on my lips through eating and drinking, but did fade away from the center first, giving me the lovely "O-ring" lip.  My mom refers to this as "Mr. Bill lips".  I only reapplied once during the day I tested this, and it was one of the more comfortable mattes I've tried.  It did leave my lips feeling a bit dry at the end of the day, but not peeling or chapped.  A quick scrub with a washcloth and a swipe of balm and my lips were no longer singin' the blues.

NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in Baroque (mini), described as a "raspberry sorbet", is a shiny berry perfect for fall makeup looks.  It wore for about 3 hours on me through eating and drinking and faded evenly.  This is a GREAT color for anyone who likes a less intense red lip.  I wore this with a slick of black liquid liner and looked fully made up with minimal effort!  
The lip-shaped box is ADORBS.  I mean, who didn't smile when they saw it?  All 4 lippies are housed in the box upon receipt, but you could use it for anything.  The box is embossed with the NARS Guy Bourdin logo on the bottom.  This reminds me of that episode of Modern Family where Jay asked Gloria for a saxophone and she bought him a lip-shaped telephone.  When he asked what it was for, she said it was the "sexy phone" he'd asked for!  
This kit is an impressive value.  If purchased individually, the lipsticks are $26.00 USD each, and the pencils are $25.00 USD each for full sized.  If the minis are half the size of the full sized pencils, they'd be worth about $12.50 each.  So this kit is less than the price of buying the 2 lipsticks separately ($52.00 USD) and includes the 2 mini lip pencils and the red lip case!  
I see these shades working extremely well across all skin tones and appealing to anyone who likes lip products on the sheer-buildable side of the spectrum.  And who wouldn't love the case?!  This is a great limited edition set, and one of my favorite holiday kits put out this year. 

My Rating: A
Price: $49.00 USD
Availability: NARS

What's your favorite NARS lippie?  

Thursday, November 14, 2013

EMPTIES! #1 | Summer-Fall 2013

I've been collecting these empty bottles and jars for the past few months in the hopes that I'd get off my rump roast and do an empties post!  I actually moved several of these empty items and felt really bad about taking up space in a perfectly good moving box with spent containers of lip scrub and shampoos.  However, I no longer feel bad because that box space sacrifice will now result in a beefy empties post!  :)

Let's start with the hair goodies...
1.) Selsun blue Medicated Dandruff Shampoo: This has been a household staple in my teen-to-adult life as flaky, itchy scalps run rampant in my family.  This is a great shampoo if you suffer from dandruff.  It is a bit drying, and I'd imagine it would reallllly suck the color out of color-treated hair, so keep that in mind and use it sparingly.  I've found that as long as I use this once or twice a week, my dandruff is non-existant and my scalp is happy.  Will I repurchase?  Yes, I already have!

2.) Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo: I LURVE this stuff!  It's one of my drugstore heroes!  It's got a fresh light scent and the powder really helps out my oily hair.  I shake the can, spray the front sections of my hair, and then muss my hair around to make sure there's no tell-tale white patches.  It absorbs oil like a champ and allows this oily girl an extra day, sometimes even two, before it's time to hit the shampoo and conditioner again.  Clean Freak gives my hair some extra oomph, making updos look more full.  If you've got fine, limp hair, this could be a contender in the new BFF department.  Will I repurchase?  Yes, I already have!

3.) Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deeeep Treatment Conditioner: While this baby is touted as a tool for damaged hair, I've never found a better conditioner for my regular ol' fine hair.  I've tried expensive salon conditioners, and not a one can match this $3.00 USD jewel.  It saturates the hair with moisture, but rinses away clean.  My hair tangles like 2 angry cats, and this conditioner has been the only way I can get a brush through it after I shower without resorting to Vodka and swearing.  I've seriously lost count of how many times I've repurchased this amazing product.  Will I repurchase?  Is a duck's back feathered?  (YES!)

4.) Herbal Essences Honey. I'm Strong Strengethening Shampoo: This is the only shampoo from Herbal Essences that doesn't freak my scalp out and turn it into an urban oasis of flakesville.  It cleanses my hair well and leaves it looking shiny and happy.  It smells divine, too!  Will I repurchase?  Yes, I already have a second bottle going in the shower!

Bath & Body

1.) Pacifica Lotus Garden Perfume:  I've had this for years, and I love it.  The scent is very fresh and citrusy.  It smells like a mandarin orange bomb went off when you first spritz it on, but the orange tones quiet down into a bouquet of elegant and never overpowering orange blossoms.  I am terrible at reviewing fragrances because I have a serious issue with a specific note, but I've yet to be able to say for sure which note it is.  I keep thinking it's vetiver, because every perfume I've tried on that contained it has resulted in me getting a whopping headache and feeling queasy for hours.  So I'm not a Lewis and Clark when it comes to fragrance adventuring!  Lotus Garden is just so fresh and light, it's a beautiful scent for anyone who loves citrus but doesn't want to be knocked out with hardcore bottom notes like amber or woods.  Will I repurchase?  No - but only because I still have a rollerball version of this that I haven't used up yet!
2.) Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion:  I mean, this is another great staple product to me.  It's so soothing, hydrates perfectly without taking 10 minutes to soak in, and leaves you smelling a bit like a chocolate puff.  It's amazing!  Will I repurchase?  Yes, once I get through my other bottle at work.

3.) Boots Extracts Nectarine Body Butter:  If you've never met a Boots Extracts Body Butter before, please allow me to introduce you.  They contain 6.7 oz, a mere .2 oz less than The Body Shop Body Butters, and cost $10.00 USD less.  Oh and you can pick them up at Target, which is always a bonus!  To me, these are just as great as The Body Shop's butters; rich, mega hydrating, and scent-sational!  I liked the sweet Nectarine scent but Jason HATED it.  To each his own, right?  I've also tried the Brazil Nut scent and fell madly in love with that one.  It's sweet, nutty goodness!  Will I repurchase?  Yes, but I want to try a new scent (I'm thinking Almond)!

4.) Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter:  First off, I love the name of this one!  It's perfect, because this moisturizer is righteous!  Thick, incredibly hydrating, and scented with S&G's Original Pink fragrance, this is a tub o' awesome.  For $20.00 USD, you get 10.1 oz of amazing, which is 3.2 oz more than The Body Shop Body Butter, which retails for the same amount.  This is seriously the most amazingly scented lotion I've ever owned, and the hydration level is incredible.  It took care of my chapped skin after 1 use, and the chapped skin never returned.  Will I repurchase?  Yes!

1.) Tarte Clean Slate Flawless 12hr Brightening Primer: This primer smells like you've just tiptoed into an orange grove at dawn; it's so fresh and lovely!  The problem I had with it is it's just a bit too moisturizing for my combination oily skin.  My makeup definitely stayed in place all day whenever I'd use this primer, but I seemed to get shiny very quickly and have to touch up with powder throughout the day.  I think this primer could be a real winner, winner, chicken dinner for ladies and gents with drier skin.  Will I repurchase?  No.

2.) NARS Makeup Removing Water:  I've always wanted to try this so I jumped at the chance to try a sample the last time I placed an order at Sephora.  It removed my eyemakeup, inlcuding a glittery, long-wearing eyeliner, with the greatest of ease, and made quick work of my face makeup.  Seeing as how I'm about to run out of my bottle of Bioderma, I thought I'd give the full-size NARS Makeup Removing Water a shot after my success with the sample.  I was able to pick it up for 20% off at the Sephora F&F sale, so that was a huge bonus!  Will I repurchase?  Yes, I've ordered the full size version.

1.) LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub:  I know this is a cult favorite for a LOT of people, but I just couldn't get down with the scent/taste.  Scrub-wise, it was awesome, and everything I've grown to expect from a Lush lip scrub.  Will I repurchase?  Not this flavor.

2.) LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub: Honestly, the first thing that came to mind after I typed the name was The Doors, "Hello, I love you, won't you tell me your name..."!  This is my favorite scrub ever.  Rids my lips of any flaky business all the while smelling and tasting like Circus Peanuts!  If you love Lush's Snow Fairy, you need this scrub because it's the exact same smell, and because this isn't soap, you can taste it, too!  Will I repurchase?  Absolutely!

3.) Jack Black Lemon & Chamomile Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25: Oh, I am a huge fan of these.  At one point earlier this summer, I rounded up 8 of them from around my house, office, and from my purse!  I keep one of these in my bathroom, one in my desk drawer, and one on my bedside table.  The Lemon and Chamomile is my favorite of the scents/flavors I've tried because it tastes and smells like Fruit Loops!  Love!  It's one of my favorite balms because it hydrates ridiculously well and contains SPF 25.  Oh, and did I mention it tastes like Fruit Loops?!?  Will I repurchase?  Yes.  Forever.

Did you finish or hit pan on anything recently?  

Monday, November 11, 2013

REVIEW! | Do you need the LORAC PRO Palette? If you have eyes, the answer is YES!

There are approximately 82 billion eyeshadow palettes. Deciding which one(s) to add to your collection can be a little overwhelming, especially during the holidays when it seems like every brand releases two or three at a time!  One palette that I would consider a must-have?  The LORAC PRO Palette, $42.00 USD!
The palette contains 16 eyeshadows, broken down into 8 pans of mattes and 8 pans of shimmer, and a mini Behind the Scenes Eye Primer.  The quality of these shadows is phenomenal!  Every single shade delivers consistent color payoff and an extremely smooth, velvety texture.  As an Urban Decay eyeshadow devotee, I would go as far as saying these are absolutely on par with UD!  Mattes can be tricky, but apparently not for LORAC; every matte shade is creamy, dreamy perfection.  The shimmer shades are also excellent.  Not a spot of patchiness or sheerness to be found.  Quality-wise, these shadows are the cream of the crop!
I always apply eyeshadow over a primer, and using the included Behind the Scenes Eye Primer, these shadows last from dawn til dusk on my oily lids without creasing, fading, migrating, or otherwise doing the Macarena.
Another point for the LORAC PRO?  It's not limited edition!  So you don't have to go into a fit of panic to buy it if you're running a bit low on funds after the barrage of holiday releases and Friends & Family sales!  However, if this palette's been on your wish list for awhile, there's no time like the present to pick it up at a discount at one of the numerous F&F sales happening now.  I purchased mine as part of an ULTA-exclusive kit called the Rockin' Red Hot Set.  It retails for $39.00 USD and contains the LORAC PRO Palette, a mini Behind the Scenes Eye Primer, and a Front of the Line PRO Liquid Eyeliner.  The palette regularly retails for $42.00 USD and does not contain the eyeliner, so this is a great deal!
The palette is also available at Sephora for $42.00, though it's currently out of stock on their website due to the 20% off F&F sale (ending today, 11/11/13). You can probably find it at your local Sephora store but I'd suggest calling first to make sure they have it! also carries the LORAC PRO Palette but it's also out of stock currently and won't ship for 1-2 weeks. is also hot and heavy into a 20% off F&F sale (ends 11/16/13) which explains why this palette's sold out like hot cakes!

Not taking the mini primer into consideration, if you divide the palette cost ($42.00 USD) by 16, it breaks down to about $2.63 per shadow.  Considering that you also get an eye primer, each shadow costs even less.  This is an incredible value!
I made a little swatch video so everyone can see the swatches "live"!

The LORAC PRO Palette is an absolute gem, and a must-have for anyone with eyes.  ;)

My Rating: A+
Cost: $42.00 USD (Rockin' Red Hot Set available exclusively at ULTA is $39.00 USD)
Where to Buy:, LORAC, Sephora, ULTA

Do you love the LORAC PRO?  Have you cleaned up at any of the F&F sales?  

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

FAVORITES! | October 2013

October Favorites time!  These were the products I found myself reaching for again and again during the month of pumpkin madness!

1. Clarins Instant Light Natural Skin Perfector in 01.  It smells and tastes like a subtly sweet little creme brulee (reminds me a lot of L'Oreal Color Riche Le Gloss), is super smooth, non-sticky and very hydrating.  Some nights I use this after exfoliating my lips instead of my trustiest champs Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm or Nivea Lip Butter.  It's bafflingly long-lasting, too!  I tend to get six hours of super comfy wear before I find myself reaching for the tube for a fresh swipe.  Six hours!  Through eating and drinking!  That's almost unheard of with a non-sticky gloss.  This is truly a gloss-balm hybrid and it's DELUXE.  I'm very impressed with my first ever Clarins purchase!  I kind of want a jumbo apothecary jar filled to the brim with these!
2. Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter.  I know what you're thinking.  Isn't it a bit early to be breaking out the big guns lotion-wise?  Well, not for me!  My sides and back get chapped as soon as the temps drop down into the low 60's.  I know, my body skin is so wimpy!  Anyway, using this after every shower has prevented any further chapping.  The texture is a bit lighter than The Body Shop body butters, and I find this one absorbs a bit faster, but it does not lack in the moisture department.  It smells SO incredibly good! It's the signature Soap & Glory Pink scent, which leaves you smelling fresh and clean and just lovely all-around.  If you, or someone you love, suffers from a habitually chapped arse, this product could be their dream cream!
3. Olay Fresh Effects Shine, Shine Go Away Shine Reducing Cleanser.  What's the secret in this shine-reducing cleanser?  Kaolin clay!  The clay helps lessen the case of the afternoon shines and I have been digging it with a shovel.  I worried using clay cleanser twice a day might be too drying, but so far, I've had zero dryness or flakes.  It lathers up to a luxurious foam and works well with your hands, a wash cloth, or a brush.  My favorite way to use it is with my Clairsonic as it seems to really kick up the lather factor.  It cuts through makeup with ease and rinses to a squeaky clean, but not tight or dry, finish (if you're oily, this is known as "nirvana").  And can we discuss the price?  Around $6.00 USD!  It's available at all major drugstores and supermarkets!  So if you need to pick up a fresh tube, you can just grab it when you're picking up bananas and wine at Publix!  Super convenience points!  I think if you have combination oily skin, you will really like this one!
4. Clinique All About Shadow Duo in Strawberry Fudge.  Pretty in pink...and brown!  These shades are complex.  The pink contains golden microshimmer, as does the brown, and together they create the prettiest, pulled-together eye look with such ease!  The compact itself is gorgeous; clean and sophisticated and PRETTY.  The shadows are creamy and I find they apply well with the sponge-tipped applicator provided!
5. MAC Divine Night Scene to be Seen MSF.  Ok, so yes I have oily skin and should probably avoid shimmering face powders, but did you see this one?!?  It's mauvey-plummy sensationalness was just something that would not be ignored, much like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.  Yes, it's shimmery, but it's so beautiful.  It has great pigmentation so a little goes a long way (which is great when a product contains shimmer).  I can actually wear shimmery face products in the cooler months since my skin isn't as oily, and this one was just too gorgeous to pass up.  I can't believe this one isn't sold out on the MAC site yet!  If you want it, get this LE beauty while it lasts!  [My full review & swatches here.]

What were your October faves?  How many pumpkin-related products did you partake in?  ;)