Sunday, January 10, 2010

Casino Night Rocked All Hell Fires

Don & Betty Draper! Ok, no - it's just us.

Line up, fools!

Marty Reasoner = BEST black jack dealer OF ALL-TIME. I "won" $80K. First time playing black jack. I love this guy.

This photo taken right before Marty broke out dancing to...wait for it..."Pump Up the Jam" by Technotronic. Katie Reasoner was appalled. It ruled.

Pavel Kubina, the Czech sweetums. A total peach.

Rich Peverley, Jason and #1 draft pick Evander Kane (we chatted with his papa! Super nice man)! Also...Jason called Rich Peverley "Ricky", and he responded by coming right over! Jason then told Pevs all about The Blueland Chronicle's epic matinee featuring him. He wasn't even horrified! :)

Nobody loves photo ops more than the dope, slick Swede, Tobias Enstromboli!

Christophe Schubert - you are THE MAN. Without this man's help, we would have been screwed out of meeting Bryan Little because he was in the VIP section! Schubert told the dude guarding the stairs to the VIP section to step up off us and sent us up there, in search of B-Litts! It was awesome! We ended up seeing Schubie approximetly 347 times and exchanged several warm embraces. Jason goes, "Oh man...this guy again?" after the 24th time we bumped into him! Schubert is great. Fave German ever.

To summarize...AMAZING!!!! What a sweetums. Love me some Bryan Little! It was so AWESOME finally meeting my favorite Thrasher, #10. Thanks to the help of Christophe Schubert for getting us into the VIP area and then to Toby Enstrom for literally going and "getting" B-Litts for us (we asked him and he delivered!); thus making Casino Night '10 one of the most fun nights of the year! Also, please note the "twin peaks" aka matching widow's peaks. Mmmmhhmmmmm.

Y'all are not going to believe this but this photo was taken while J-Timberlake's "SexyBack" AKA Ron Hainsey's theme song was playing! Jason told him he ought to shave more often and he got all bashful!

Hangin' with Mr. Ondrej Pavelec! Super nice dude who was exchanging eastern block language shitz with Boris Valabik. I asked the 2 of them if either had a shirt that said "Czech Yourself before You Wreck Yourself". Neither did. I told them that was ill advised. They pretty much both looked at each other like, "WTF"?

Mark Popovic! I love this guy. A couple wks ago I called into the Thrashers post game show on AM 680 the Fan when Pops was the guest. I told him he had a great voice for radio (b/c he did!) and he seemed flattered. Ok so when we saw him tonight, I asked if he remembered someone calling in and mentioning his possible side career as a radio dj and he was like, "That was you!?" and was super nice times. He was fabulous.

Good ol' Boultsy. He was totally manly.

Marisa, Anssi Salmela et moi - interesting story with this dude. Tell ya later.

Ok, so when we first got there, I realized that we left the freaking camera's memory card plugged into my laptop. AWESOOMMMMEEE. Luckily my camera's memory (sans card) allowed for 16 photos - so we had to be choosy, unfortunately, about what pictures we took. Anywho, as we were leaving, Zach Bogosian's strollin' through and I'm like YEAH!!! BOGO!!! So I ask him for a pic, he says sure and then, as Jason's prepping to take the photo, I tell Zachary that we only have 2 pictures left, make it count and "sell the pancakes". He SOLD the mf-ers! :)

OMG, this dude was hysterical. Jimmy Slater. As we're about to take this pic, Jason tells him that we refer to him as "Jimmy Scandalous", to which he replies, "I'm scandalous!" and poses like there's no tomorrow. Then as we're leaving, Jason elbows him in the sternum b/c he's right behind us in the coat check line and as Jason apologizes, Jimmy goes, "Hey! I've had worse!" and then precedes to cut in front of EVERONE in line at coat check! The next time you see this guy he's skiffering through the crowd, coat in hand, giving people peace signs as he slides scandalously through the door. He was seriously GOOD TIMES. Very energetic and humorous dude!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kov-echkin & Casino Night

I'm very excited about this hockey-centric weekend! Tonight we are heading to the game (ATL v WSH) and I get to meet my friend Jenn's younger brother and see our buddies from TBC and hopefully Wild Billy Tilly. Tomorrow night is the much-anticipated Casino Night. My dress is a really pretty little number that Jason gave me for Christmas (pic below - only I got a navy blue one, pardon me "maritime blue") and I'm excited to see Jason all suited up! Had I known the event would take place in the midst of 18 degree weather, however, I probably would have purchased something lined with wool, or furs from the high plains. And snow boots. However, I plan to locate some tights or a thermal union suit to increase the warmth factor of my evening gown. I'm so excited to meet all of the players that we haven't already met (thanks to numerous Thrashers post-game shows @ Taco Mac), especially my favorite Little guy, Bryan! Maybe I can just wear my jersey over my dress and get the rest of the teams' signatures? :)
I'll look exactly like Marisa Miller here, only in
blue and minus the Mondo Super Vixon Uplifter Brazier 3000!

Hey Little Little, you're the peanut brittle!
Your hard work rules and your sideburns got whittled!

Friday, January 8, 2010

barf bags.

OF COURSE we're at work here at the lovely state. Apparently icy side streets and a 29 car pile-up on 285 just aren't reason enough to shut 'er down. There's approximately 47 people here. Normal staff is about 600. Mmmmhmmmmm.

Also, 2 degrees feels like...well, doom! At least the day is going by quickly!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vamp Quizzes

In honor of the fact that I'm almost finished reading "Breaking Dawn", book 4 of the Twilight saga, here are some vamp quizzes to enjoy!

Twilight Quiz

You Are Sam

You are a bit of a mystery - both to others and even yourself. You're still coming to grips with who you are. There are parts of yourself that you still need to accept. You are a caring and protective person. You can't help but be concerned about the people you love. You are a bit of a loner. You are still searching for deep and meaningful connections in life.

You Are Angel

You have a pretty dark past, but you've changed your ways... and possibly not by choice. These days, you try to do your best to be a good person. You have a sore spot for anyone who hurts anyone else. You are a true romantic, but you can't be with the person you truly love. And you are completely torn up about it. At your core, you're a loner. You are light-hearted and funny, but deep down you're really quite tormented.

Yay! Seeley Booth! I mean..."Angel"...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Passive aggressive note of the day


New Relaxing Sanctuary

Jason and I painted our bedroom this weekend and we could not be more happy with the results! The base paint of the apartment is this grody pale causcasian flesh tone peach, reminiscent of a vegetarian Vermont vampire. I'm pretty sure anyone would prefer just plain WHITE over the "Peach Parfait Party" color the management company decided on...but that's fine b/c we are armed with paint rollers and staunch determination. I love the new paint color - it's called Cloudburst (by Behr) and it's a deep greenish-blueish hybrid o' joy. It dried super fast and only required 1 coat - bonus! Alas, our bedroom is now a cozy, relaxing, lovely place, whereas before, it was just a room containing our bed, a deluxe television set and several seasons of "The Closer" on DVD.

new year, new books!

I'm SO excited! I have just bought books out the wazoo thanks to a Christmas giftcard from Mom to Barnes & Noble! Thanks, Mom! B&N was having a mega sale! I ordered:

~Pretty Little Mistakes by Heather Mcelhatton
~The Starter Wife by Gigi Levangie Grazer (man, I miss this show.)
~Queen Takes King by Gigi Levangie Grazer
~Dog on It (Chet and Bernie Series #1) by Spencer Quinn
~Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (Hannah Swensen Series #1) by Joanne Fluke

I also bagged the following 2 goodies on

~All-American Ads of the 50s by Jim Heimann (GREAT color ads from campaigns of the 1950's)
~My Life in France by Julia Child

So exciting!! I love book shopping!