Monday, September 26, 2011

M&BB Monday Poll

This poll is from my favorite beauty blogger Karen @ Makeup & Beauty Blog

1. Mood: Quite happy - I heard "Ice Ice Baby" on the drive home AND Monday is OVAH! Yips!
2. What are a few of your least favorite things? When you're SO EXCITED about an online purchase, it arrives and doesn't work out for whatever reason and then having to ship it back and wait weeks to get your $ refunded. Also, back pain.
3. Today I’d love…to take a luxurious shower, get into comfy pj's and catch up on all the TV I have recorded from last week.
4. Outfit? Red cardigan, charcoal pants, cork wedges. I'm so ready to wear boots. And socks!!
5. Exactly where are you right now? In my sunroom AKA the best room in this hacienda!
6. Describe your favorite jacket to wear in the fall. I love my white coat Jason gave me; it's dreamy!
7. When was the last time you bounced on a pogo stick? Can't remember ever using one of those, but Pogo Bals? Oh hell yeah! 1992.
8. Your two cents (beauty related)? Paula's Choice is a really great skincare line and my skin seems very happy when I use it. Jason uses the SPF 45 non-greasy sunscreen when he golfs and he loves it.
9. Your two cents (non-beauty related)? My day was brightened so much by co-workers asking J-Larks, "What is twerking?" - I thought he was going to hit the deck laughing! It's always a good day at work when twerking comes up for discussion.
10. Weekly goals: Cut down by at least 2 cigarettes per day, catch up on the PILE of accumulated TV shows from last week, read 100 pages of this silly ass book I'm reading, be early to work every day, go to bed earlier than usual so the 7 AM alarm clock won't feel like hell on Earth, work out twice.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fave TV Shows Survey

List your favorite TV Shows (in no order) and answer the questions. 
1. The Closer
2. Project Runway
3. The Mentalist
4. Modern Family
5. Memphis Beat

Who is your favorite character in 1? Brenda Lee Johnson!

Who is your least favorite character in 2? This season, it's Olivier. Really? Women's boobs "interfere" with your design? Then maybe you should design for men since they don't have those obnoxious breasticles.

What’s your favorite episode of 4? The one where Mitchell and Cameron try to get Lily into an exclusive preschool.

What is your favorite season of 5? Season 2.

What is your favorite 'ship in 3? Patrick & Lisbon.

Who is your anti-'ship in 2? Frankly I don't know what that means!

How long have you watched 1? I have watched almost every season!

How did you become interested in 3? I knew I liked Simon Baker and the show's premise sounded right up my alley!

Who is your favorite actor in 4? Gloria!

What do you prefer out of 1, 2, or 5? The Closer

Which show have you seen more episodes of, 1 or 3? The Closer b/c it's been on the air longer.

How would you kill off your favorite character in 2? Since it's a reality show, I wouldn't want anyone killed off for reals, but I would not be upset if Olivier hit the road this week!

If you could be anyone from 4, who would you be? Gloria!

Give a random quote from 1.
Fritz: Is there anything special you want from Santa this year?
Brenda: Maybe an Albanian translator?
Fritz: Oh, you are so hard to shop for.

Would a 3/4 crossover work? Hmm...Modern Family and The Mentalist? It could be entertaining!

Pair two characters in 1 that would make an unlikely, but strangely ok, couple. There's only 2 female characters on the show and I can't see either of them putting up with any of the male characters' romantic hijinks! If I have to choose, Captain Raydor and Lt. Flynn could be crazy!

Overall, which show has a better cast, 3 or 5? I love them both!

Which has better music, 2 or 4? Project Runway because it includes Tim Gunn saying "ATTITUDE!" and that's golden.

This survey borrowed from F YEAH, SURVEYS. Thank you!

Monday, September 19, 2011

15 Random Countdown

» Fifteen Random Favorites «
01. my loved ones
02. dogs
03. trying out new beauty products
04. magazines
05. reading
06. oldies
07. vacations
08. project runway
09. hockey tweeps
10. dolphins, otters & manta rays
11. root beer
12. a great night's sleep
13. america
14. coffee
15. spring & fall

» Fourteen Favorite Foods «
01. zuppe toscana
02. mac n' cheese
03. jason's burgers & meatloaf
04. crusty bread
05. 100 grand candy bars
06. sausage biscuits & gravy
07. twizzlers cherry pull n' peel
08. lemon anything
09. crab
10. grouper sammiches
11. velveeta & sourdough grilled cheese with chicken noodle soup
12. EVERYTHING served at the iberian pig
13. filet mignon
14. mellow mushroom white pizza sans sun dried toms

» Thirteen Most Watched Shows «
01. the closer
02. project runway
03. the mentalist
04. survivor
05. say yes to the dress atlanta
06. dance moms
07. bones
08. modern family
09. parenthood
10. so you think you can dance
11. memphis beat
12. true blood
13. rizzoli and isles

» Twelve Good Bands/Groups/Singers In Your Opinion «
01. diana ross & the supremes
02. the beatles
03. better than ezra
04. elvis
05. adele
06. duran duran
07. paramore
08. outkast
09. rolling stones
10. otis redding
11. katy perry
12. pat benatar

» Eleven Places You'd Love to Visit «
01. france
02. american west
03. pacific northwest
04. cal-i-forn-ia gurls are unforgettable
05. cape cod-ishness (northeastern coast)
06. yap, micronesia (best place on earth for manta ray dives)
07. tahiti/bora bora
08. uk
09. the caribbean
10. australia/nz
11. star's hollow :)

» Ten Fave Days of the Year «
01. christmas
02. christmas eve
10. ...what else is there? :)

» Nine Things You're Looking Forward To «
01. jason coming back from his conference
02. weds night survivor party w/ mombo!
03. me & j's 3 yr anni
05. buying a home
06. getting a dog(s)
07. paying off my cc
08. christmastime!
09. gettin' hitched to my bestie! ♥

» Eight Things You Wear Daily «
01. my engagement ring :D
02. lip balm product
03. shoes of some assortment
04. a purse
05. toe nail polish
06. sunglasses
07. pj's
08. earrings

» Seven Things That Annoy You «
01. monday morning
02. drama
03. how quickly time passes when you want to slow it down / how slowly time passes when you want to hurry it up
04. eeyore types
05. people who don't return a smile
06. lack of follow up @ work
07. the simple fact that i'm 31 years old and i've never sampled a turducken.

» Six Things You Touch Every Day «
01. phone
02. soap
03. writing utensil
04. book/kindle
05. computer machine
06. coffee mug

» Five Movies You Could Watch Over And Over «
01. donnie brasco
02. home alone
03. sixteen candles
04. the bourne thrillogy
05. don't tell mom the babysitter's dead

» Four Of Your Favorite Toys When You Were Little «
01. my bunnies
02. roller skates
03. rainbow brite dolls
04. hot wheels

» Three of Your Fave Books «
01. the prizewinner of defiance, ohio
02. the shadow of the wind
03. crazy in alabama

» Two Of Your Favorite Songs At This Moment «
01. Touch Me (All Night Long) - Cathy Dennis
02. Cosmic Love - Florence + The Machine

» One Material Thing You Can't Live Without «
01. lip balm!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Best Books of 2011 (thru Sept)

The best books I’ve read in the last year.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ten Facts About Me

01: I totally enjoy "Roseanne's Nuts".
02: My car's name is Goldie Hawn.
03: I love Dannon DanActive. Muy deliciouso probiotics!
04: I strongly desire these ruby red boots.
05: I'm currently reading "Fatally Frosted" by Jessica Beck but I'm just not that into it.
06: Every time I hear Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus", I think of my friend Blair and our joke about someday choreographing a tap routine to it!
07: I hope this MAC Matte matte-ifying cream works and controls my shine factor.
08: I typically fail to participate in Follow Friday on Twitter, but for good reason: I'm at work all day! I hardly ever remember to do it before or after work. I'm a failure of a tweep for sure.
09: My dream honeymoon destination? Bora Bora, Tahiti, Maldives - any place that boasts mini huts on the water! Bring it with Bacos!
10: This video cracks me up.

Sunday, September 11, 2011



I will never forget that day; the lost loved ones, the heroes, the horror, the grief. My heart is with everyone who lost someone on this day a decade ago.