Monday, November 30, 2009

Nothing says Christmas like Wham

Christmastime is here, people! It’s official now that I’ve heard Wham!’s “Last Christmas” on the radio!

Driving to work today, I curiously ejected the Better Than Ezra Greatest Hits CD I've been listening to for a week straight to see if any of the radio stations here in town were belting out any holiday music. Much to my supreme delight, B 98.5 was delivering the goods in the form of Burl Ives' "Holly Jolly Christmas"! This was excellent news b/c it kicks off the month-long period at work where we are permitted to listen to Christmas music on the radio. My co-worker and I look forward to this YEAR ROUND. Apparently the entire agency used to be able to listen to music, but after countless feuds between cubicle neighbors about the music's volume and style ("I can't hear my Shania Twain with your N.W.A. blaring over there, you fool!!!", etc.), the privilege of listening to music was revoked. A couple of years ago, our boss agreed that we could rock out to Christmas tunes during the month of December in a gesture of good cheer. Anyway, nothing makes the time pass faster (or more enjoyably) than hearing the Eurhythmics cover “Winter Wonderland”!

J-Barti the Party and I are leaving for sunny Florida this Saturday morn and I cannot WAIT!!!! We’re going to be in Ft. Lauderdale the first part of the trip (including seeing the Thrashers play the Panthas @ BankAtlantic Centre on 12/5) and then we’re road tripping over to our favorite vacation spot to date, Longboat Key, for the latter half. We’re hoping to rent a stick shift so I can teach Jason how to drive one! I had an Acura Legend AKA “The Ac Attack” (02-06) that was a sweet 6 speed manual and I miss shifting! Also, what better car to teach someone on than a rental, right?! I checked the forecast for our projected trip dates and things are lookin’ good!!! This sure is a better way to celebrate Jason’s birthday than last year – he was moving and then got sick as a dungeon-dwelling cave cat with the stomach flu. Fun times!

Forecast for Sarasota, FL:

High/Low (°F)

Sat Dec 05
Mostly Sunny 67°/46°

Sun Dec 06
Partly Cloudy 72°/55°

Mon, Dec 07
Partly Cloudy 75°/56°

Tue Dec 08
Mostly Sunny 77°/59°

Wed Dec 09
Sunny 79°/62°

Friday, November 27, 2009

WTF of the Day - November 27, 2009

This "product" was so insane, I decided to dedicate my very first WTF of the Day entry to it. Who knew I'd uncover a plethora of useful items such as this beauty whilst I was looking at checks and address labels? The saddest part is they're sold out. The demand was so high! The shelves were cleared out by ravenous Black Friday shoppers, leaving no cheeky toilet seat accoutrements for those who wait to i-shop on Cyber Monday. Quelle dommage!

Flamingo Toilet Set: Decorative flamingo brings a dash of the unexpected and a splash of whimsy to your bath. Both pieces are made of plush 100% acrylic. Rug features nonskid backing (24 1/2" x 25"). Elastic-edge lid cover fits standard lids
(16 1/2" x 18 1/2"). Machine wash. Imported.

Once they re-stock, you can get your very own flamingo toilet rug and matching seat cover here.

Thanksgiving 09

So we are pretty much unpacked-ish, though there is junk stuffed in closets like nobody's business! Some out of town pals were in Atl for the holiday and popped over to see the new place. Conan approves.

Conan, Allen, Maggie, Jason, me, Susan & Blair

For Thanksgiving festivities, we went to the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant Thursday with my parents and ate a plethora of amazing foodstuffs (beer cheese soup, YAYAYYAYAYAY!). Later, we went to see New Moon starring Taylor Lautner's abs and ate entirely too much buttered popcorn. T'was an excellent turkey day!


I located the missing Wimpy sock and the Thrashers have returned to their winning ways. Coincidence? I think not. They beat the mega annoying egomaniacal Red Wings Wednesday night as my foot was swathed in Wimpy comfort.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Where's Wimpy?

The big move with Jason is officially tomorrow, but we’ve been taking loads of boxes and random items (isn’t it always the houseplants that leave you thinking, “Do I really need this fiddle-leaf fig tree?”, but then you recall the priceless memories you’ve shared - friends coming over for dinner, watching the SYTYCD finale and the NHL All-Star game, Christmas morn – all the while ‘Mr. Figstuff’ sat quietly surveying the scene from his perch atop the desk. That’s when you realize that you can’t replace that trusty fig). Anyway, we loaded up Jason’s fross’ (that’s friend/boss) SUV and my mom’s 4Runner with the second load of stuff last night, trucked it over there, and unloaded. The kitchen is completely unpacked! Thank Moses we have a lot of cabinets (and a pantry that I am overzealously excited about! I love pantries!) since Jason unfurled a bevy of kitchen appliances and implements that would make Julia Child’s heart flutter. The man even owns a special machine that makes pancakes! We watched the Project Runway finale sitting on the floor of our new place, propped up on pillows enclosed in garbage bags. Ahh, home! Re: the finale, I am totes peeved Carol Hannah didn’t win. Clearly, had she created felt hats with chin chains, she would have won that mothertrucker! Who knew “lack of a unifying theme” was a big enough gripe to lose the competition? Winner Irina’s collection looked like an impromptu assemblage of leather space hookers, but hey – what do I know? I’m just a female who buys clothes.

We also had the Thrashers v. Boston Bruins game on while we worked and good lord, it was a riveting final period and OT! It turned into an agonizing shoot-out loss after Peverley, Kozlov and Kovalchuk failed to deliver the biscuit to the basket. Next time, Gadget! I was happy to see Little back in action; I couldn’t believe those brown bear clowns tried to mix it up with the little Canadian dumpling. Do they know who they’re messin’ with? Bryan’s not going to get into a Boulton-style throw down; he’s a worker bee. Plus, you know he was the type of kid who enjoyed the quiet toiling of creating construction paper turkeys for his mom in Kindergarten. I truly think the reason for the Thrasher’s loss is that I have lost my lucky game day socks. You know ‘em, you love ‘em. They have Wimpy from Popeye on them eating a hamburger and every time I have worn them to a game, we have dominated the beyotch. An ominous miasma lumbered into my laundry room Monday night when I only retrieved 1 sock from the dryer. Cross your fingers that I can find my left Wimpy sock or else all hope of a Thrashers post-season run are, to quote Gordon Ramsay, “in the bin”.

I just whipped a ditty about the move – sung to the Beverly Hillbillies theme! {Note to TBC: another possible screenplay - “The Peverley Hillbillies”! You know Jimmy Slater would be an amazing Jethro Bodine!!!}

Come and listen to a story about Kristen & Jase,
Poor Revenuers, wallets thin with disgrace,
Then one day their lease renewals came due,
And they felt the time was right to combine the two

Homes that is, sweet cribs, domiciles.

They turned in their notices and packed up their wares,
They couldn’t wait to say – hey, we moved away from there!
They said Decatur is the place we ought to be,
So they loaded up the truck and they moved across the street.

Toco Hills, that is.
Whole Foods, Orthadox Jews

The Toco Hillbillies!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Feel better, B-Litts!


I had to clean my oven tonight, therefore I had to stop and purchase cleaner since I don't keep any on-hand (I know you're shocked). I was trotting merrily along in Publix when I spotted a delicious dinner possibility: tuna fish. I love canned tuna fish. I was very excited about this "meal". I head home, visions of flipping tunas twirling in my head, spray the oven down with "Easy Off" (sure...) and then get the mayo and mustard out of the fridge. For those who don't know, Jason and I are moving in together this weekend, so 96.7% of my belongings are packed. Anyone seeing where this is going? What kitchen implement might one need to open a can of tuna (or whoop ass, whichever)? Yep. A can opener. Where is mine? In a box down by the river! I actually started digging around through the mountain of packed goods (pic below) hoping the kitchen utensils might be easily uncovered, but to no avail. After climbing over a row of cardboard nightmares and opening about 6 boxes, I gave up and ordered a pizza. V. disappointing.

The Moose is Loose

Me, Thrasher's goalie #1 Johan Hedberg and Jason

Thanks to Sunshine AKA Virginia @ Getting Pucks Deep for taking this picture with her ridiculously excellent camera!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thrash v. Oilahs, 3-2 S.O.B.'s!

Martin! Reaznuh!

Smaximum Finnies!!!!

French Cats rockin' his Euro booties.

Mystery Hockey Theatre 3000

Taylor...shootin' it.

Sacre bleu!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Puddin' is a word.

Sorry, puddin was not found in this dictionary.

Well, my friend, I suggest you learn it.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Greasy Reasy!

Last night's Thrashers game was interesting; The first 2.5 periods were about as enjoyable as Thanksgiving dinner with the Dr. Phil Family. Luckily, the game had an exciting finish in which we kicked ass! Moving to sit with the Blueland Chronicle Boyz in da Sweaters seemed to turn things around! Afterwards, we traipsed to Taco Mac and had the pleasure of meeting Jason's dreamboat, Mr. Hoagies n' Grinders Marty "The Party" Reasoner!

The Boys of My Youth by Jo Ann Beard

The Boys of My Youth The Boys of My Youth by Jo Ann Beard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I'm normally not a big short stories fan, but this writer knocked my socks into Peru with her descriptions of everyday things. You would never think to describe things the way she does. She could make a soggy dish towel in a kitchen sink seem interesting! The essay "The Fourth State of Matter" was intense, harrowing, captivating. She is truly a gifted writer. I hope she has a novel in the works!

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Packing is dangereux.

You know you’re a clumsy S.O.B. when you manage to hit yourself in the eye socket with the corner of a picture. I just wanted to box it up; instead, it revolted and boxed me.

The offending artwork:

The aftermath:

PS: I'm so glad I got my eyebrows waxed last week in preparation for these extreme close ups.