Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nuptials 2014: Venue Update - July 18, 2012

A couple of months ago one of the places we were looking at as a possible wedding venue was this pavilion/tent thing at Piedmont Park. Well, we were thinking about it until we discovered it cost approximately $8K to rent it. Their contact person also alerted me that the weekend we want to get married is…wait for it...GAY PRIDE WEEKEND! I’m certain traffic and parking would be absolutely no problem, right?! So anyway, Piedmont Park was crossed off the list.

Today I heard back from the lady at The Solarium in Decatur that another couple has the date we're interested in on hold, and also that that weekend just so happens to be the Oakhurst Arts and Music festival! Complete with DJ's! Bands! Drunkards! She said that due to the noise from that festival, The Solarium does not permit outdoor wedding ceremonies during that weekend. We are 0 for 2, LOL! Luckily we're not die-hard about that date! We were thinking about maybe choosing October 26th. I just remembered that the annual Decatur Beer Fest is typically held in mid to late October…and the Decatur Wine Fest is the first weekend of November. Bon temps!

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