Wednesday, November 20, 2013

in the {beauty} bag: Lily from Chloe.Ash Beauty Blog

in the {beauty} bag is a series that gives you a peek into the makeup and skincare lives of some of my favorite ladies!  Today we're chatting with Lily from Chloe.Ash Beauty Blog.  Prepare for giggles!
A bit of introduction: Hi!  I’m Lily from Chloe.Ash Beauty Blog.  I’m a full time working mother of 2 who juggles hyperactive attention seeking toddlers and blogging...because sleep is so overrated.  My husband is my childhood sweetheart, then we went our separate ways during college and somehow, fate brought us back together.  I work in a conservative environment and no one would have guessed I have a beauty blog.  Those who don’t know me think I look arrogant but those who do know I’m just a goof who has the ability to turn any conversation dirty >_< Because hey, dirty jokes are good laughs and looks can be deceiving.  I am fickle for most parts since sticking to one thing sounds boring, but if it’s something I love, I am extremely loyal.  Sounds like a typical Leo?  That’s because I am!  Something you don’t know (but do now)?  I am double jointed so I have freaky bendable fingers, and I have perfect pitch so listening to people sing out of tune is the worst torture for me.

1. You are told you're going to be left on a deserted island and you have 5 minutes to pack a beauty bag (because this is totally possible!). What do you grab?
Sunscreen!  Lots and lots of them.  A huge hat and if possible, a huge umbrella...because it’s also possible to stuff all these things in my bag.  Sounds like I’m afraid of the sun, and erm, it may really be that way >_<  Other than that, lip balm and lots of drinkable water.  I’m surprised there are no makeup items in here...never thought of any! 

2. If you could have a $1,000 beauty shopping spree, a) where would you go and b) what would be the first item you'd buy? 
a) I’d stay at home to save some money on travelling – because duh!  There’s online shopping... 
b) Erm, I’d probably put everything into one basket and click checkout at the same time so....the first item would be shiteloads? LOL! 

3. What's the first makeup you remember wearing? How old were you? 
I think it was lipstick.  It was the easiest to steal from my mom and it’s also a multi tasker for painting and drawing.  I think I was 5? 

4. If you had to give up lipstick or nail polish for a year, which would you choose? 
Nail polish, without a doubt.  My nails are usually naked anyway, but without a lipstick, I REALLY feel naked >_< 

5. What was your last beauty purchase? Are you happy with it? 
I recently purchased lots of skincare, you know, getting old and all that...and one of them was the Pai skincare starter set which comes with a full sized eye cream for free.  It was an awesome deal for great products.  

6. What movie/tv show/song/actor/singer/band inspired you to try something different with your makeup? 
Erm, I don’t watch enough movies / tv to get inspired...unless I wanted to look like Sophia the First, or someone from Slugterra? LOL! 
7. Name 5 of your absolute favorite HG products and why you love them. 
1. Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF50 because sunscreen is important and this one makes it feel like I’m not wearing any.
2. Shu Uemura H9 brow pencil in Stone Grey because my brows are sparse and I need to fill them, and this one makes me look like I have natural full brows. 
3. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum (I went through bottles of this) for glowing flawless skin. It makes all other skincare work even better. 
4. Dior Lip Maximizer for plump moisturized lips, and also because I’m addicted to the lipgasm it gives me. 
5. Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream – I never thought I’d include a hand cream but this one keeps my hands comfortable without any grease. Love the smell too. 

8. What was your gateway product? You know, the one that took you from beauty curious to beauty junkie! 
I think it started with a limited edition eye palette from Dior.  If I’m not mistaken, it was the Smoky Jazz eye palette which I still use to date.  Then, I was sucked deeper into the black hole, and never came out since.  In fact, I enjoy pulling people into the black hole with me.  I’m evil! 

9. What beauty-related thing are you not so great at? 
Anything nail related. I’m craptastic at nail stuff. 

10. The holidays are right around the corner and everyone's releasing their seasonal bounty. What do you hope Santa brings you this year? 
Uummm... I’ve been wanting to try something from Bite, and that blush palette from Tarte looks mighty tempting.  I’ve also been looking at some brushes from Hakuhodo and Tom I hope Santa brings me everything? Hahahahaha! 

11. If you could go back in time and give yourself some advice when you were just learning about makeup and skincare, what would you tell yourself? 
“Sit on your hands and stop touching your face.  Stop picking on the little spots damn it!!  I’d rather you bite your fingers off!!”  Or something like that.  

12. One palette to rule them all. What's your can't-live-without-it palette? 
That’s tricky.  A few weeks ago, I’d say the Urban Decay Naked palette because even though it’s hyped up, it really is one of my faves.  I’m a neutral girl all the way.  But now that I have my LORAC Pro Palette, I feel like this one trumped all my other palettes!  I dunno... I’m torn...

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  1. Hey Lily, nice seeing you here (and hiiiii Kristen!)! I am now curious about the Shu brow pencil (even though I'm pretty sure I've found my HG in Hourglass) as well as the Clarins hand cream! Must put these on my to-try list :)

  2. Hi Lily, I loved reading the interview! I am a big fan of the ANR products as well :-) I actually wrote a little ode to them on the blog today. 'Nuff said right! :-)

  3. Hi Melissa! ANR rocks. Nuff said alright. *high five*

  4. Hi Sunny. You gotta try the Shu brow pencil :-) I haven't tried the Hourglass one so I won't know if it's better, but we don't get that here. The Shu brow pencil lasts foreva!

  5. Haha, Lily! Loved this! I didn't know you have perfect pitch! That's so awesome :D

  6. Hello Lily! I get you... Leo!! haha! That's a fun interview to read! And craptastic? hahahaha That one goes straight into my dictionary. :D As for the Tarte blush palette... I want one too. Cannot find anymore from Tarte or sephora website... :( :( If you know where to get one, do give a shout! :D

  7. Hey, all these things I never knew about you! So, you're never going to be able to sit through Tracy and my karaoke session because I'm a horrible singer and your ears will die. >:D It'd be awesome if we sat down to coffee and makeup one day and you just tell your life story. <3 <3 <3

  8. Yes, perfect pitch :-) My parents thought it was very handy too. They hear a song they like, and they'd expect me to play it for them immediately. LOL!

  9. Hey Shu Ting, Hahahaha! Yes, craptastic is a fantastic word :-P I can't find the blush palette here even though Tarte just arrived at Sephora Malaysia. I hope they'll bring it in. Where are you now? I mean, which country? If I get a tip from readers, I'll let you know!

  10. Hi Helene, I have to thank both the perfect pitch and dirtiness to my parents. We have a very casual and open concept in the family. We treat our parents like best friends! Bronzer on a desert island eh? I think you can get some colour just from the warm breeze. Hahahaha!

  11. HAHAHAHAHA! Life story, eh? Maybe you can give me questions and I'll answer them in a post. That's a thought! ROFL!


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