Friday, February 7, 2014

Fave Four Friday | February 7, 2014

1. Favorite makeup item this week? Guerlain Parure Extreme Foundation in Shade 02.  It was discontinued awhile ago so I don't use it often because there's not much left.  I wore it once this week and it's just the BOMB!  Airbrushed skin without the weight.  I think it's my favorite foundation ever!

2. Favorite movie or TV show watched this week?  Oh this is horrible, but honestly?  The Bachelor.  It was just cringe-worthy amazingness.  He did Clare wrong, yo.  My summary: "Clare, you're a complete floozie and I regret our rendezvous in the ocean at 4 a.m. even though I fully participated with zeal.  Look at me.  Look at me.  Look at me.  Stop crying.  Look at me.  I just said you were easy and disrespected my daughter, but let's move forward.  Look at me.  I am okay.  Stop crying.  Forget about it!  Let's go spend time with the other ladies and act like this never happened.  Great!  I feel great!"  Oy vay.
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3. Favorite word of the week?  Cacophony!  What a great word that is.

4. Favorite winter Olympic event?  I LOVE the Olympics, so I'm excited for the Sochi games to begin!  I really enjoy the freestyle skiing, ski jumping, and the crazy stuff like bobsledding and the luge because it's like...???  How does anyone decide to luge for the first time?!

Happy Friday!!

Now it's your turn!  
1. Favorite makeup item this week?
2. Favorite movie or TV show watched this week?
3. Favorite word of the week?
4. Favorite winter Olympic event? 


  1. 1. Favorite makeup item this week? theBalm foundation and concealer for coverage coverage coverage. My skin is so pissed off right now (such a stupid idea to pack off the Clarisonic when I wasn't drinking enough water).
    2. Favorite movie or TV show watched this week? We don't actually have TV channels, so we watch things on Amazon Prime. I really enjoyed the movie Jack Reacher this week.
    3. Favorite word of the week? Silly. My kids and I have been calling everything silly and their giggles are priceless.
    4. Favorite winter Olympic event? Ummm.... I feel unpatriotic for saying this, but we don't watch the Olympics (since we don't have TV channels). As a kid I always enjoyed figure skating in pairs because it takes such trust between the teammates and they create something utterly beautiful.

    Lol at The Bachelor! Your summary is pretty much why I never paid much attention to the show :P I'm hanging on to the last bits of two NARS foundations right now. They aren't discontinued but I have so many others to use and I don't want to let go of the NARS! Happy Friday!

  2. 1. Favorite makeup item this week? Burberry Midnight Brown... even if I did knock it off my desk and broke the cover off and now I refuse to move it from it's safe nook in my drawer to prevent further damage lol
    2. Favorite movie or TV show watched this week? Sherlock! Season 3 ended on Sunday and literally I kept repeating "this show!" so many twists and turns, and brilliant acting
    3. Favorite word of the week? Fantastic... which is really a place holder for another F word when I'm in the office ;)
    4. Favorite winter Olympic event? I used to be all about the figure skating - but now I'm like you, the bobsledding and luge because it really is crazy!

    Hope you have a good weekend!! :)

  3. Oooh I love polls! :-)

    1. Favorite makeup item this week? Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect CC Cream

    2. Favorite movie or TV show watched this week? Gossip Girl. I've been catching up, and I just started watching season 5 yesterday.

    3. Favorite word of the week? Dokter Kak. Which translates into Doctor Shit. I'm not very happy with my new doctor. He's a douche.

    4. Favorite winter Olympic event? I couldn't care less about the winter Olympics.

  4. Oh no! Dokter Kak! I'm sorry he's a douche!

    I am shocked that you don't care about the winter Olympics being such a sporty, ski-loving outdoor gal! I thought you'd be into the downhill skiing! That takes serious guts!

  5. Oh nooos re: Midnight Brown compact damage! OOOhhh. That is seriously one of my favorite shadows of all-time. So sparkly and special!
    LOL @ "fantastic" replacing another word during your daily duties at the office!
    And yeah, how does one start luging? That's what I want to know. I mean, the first time one attempts to do you get there mentally?! It's insane! The downhill skiing also blows my mind!! Well, really all of it does because it's so amazing to see what these people can do! Happy Sunday!

  6. Oh yeah, in hindsight, putting down the Clarisonic rarely seems like a good decision once your skin blows up on ya! I hope you're back in the clear skin saddle! The pairs skating during this Olympics has been amazing. I normally feel kind of meh about figure sating but they are pulling out some crazy tricks that make you go "Whoa...." I know, The Bachelor is horrible, but it's SO cheesy and uncomfortable that it kind of becomes hilarious! Hang on to those NARS foundations, girl!! At least until the next Sephora F&F sale where you can replace them for 20% less, right?! :)


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