Friday, July 4, 2014

Make A Spectacle! | Glasses Review + Coupon Code

Let’s talk spectacles.  Whether you wear glasses out of necessity or for the sake of fashion, a great deal on frames and lenses is always something to celebrate! contacted me to test drive a pair of glasses and share my experience with you lovely people, and I’m happy to report it was FANTASTIC!

Rocking my best mugshot face!
At the Firmoo site, you can create an account and upload your own picture so you can see what any pair of glasses or sunglasses will look like on your face!  I LOVE this feature!  It really takes the guess work out of selecting flattering frames.  
You can order any of the glasses as non-prescription if you just want a pair to change up your look, or you can enter your prescription information and get a fresh pair of glasses for a pretty amazing price point.  In the past, I’ve always bought my glasses from my vision care provider and spent an arm and a leg.  I’m due to go in for an eye exam soon and I plan to order my next set of glasses from Firmoo.  They also offer regular and prescription sunglasses, too.  Love!
I ordered this pair of Wayfarer-style tortoise shell frames on June 8th and received them 8 short days later.  Firmoo provided me with a shipment tracking number so I could watch my glasses’ sojourn, which I always enjoy.  The glasses were packaged with care and came with a super cool case (love the map design!) and a cleaning cloth.  The glasses fit my face perfectly and have the same quality feel as my old pair of glasses that I paid nearly $200 USD for.
They have a First Pair Free Program that includes one frame, a complimentary case, a cleaning cloth and other accessories. You only pay for lenses & shipping.  They ship to a TON of countries, click here for their full list.

-------✄ COUPON TIME! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
The fine folks at Firmoo (alliteration win!) graciously offered to share a voucher code to reward 5 of my lucky readers!  The first 5 readers to shop through this link and enter "GLAMBUNCTIOUS" at checkout in the coupon code box will save $30.00 on the frames!  Hurry though, because the code expires on July 31st!  

Do you wear glasses?  Have you ever ordered from Firmoo?  

A  H A I R Y  S I T U A T I O N
I have returned back to my brown hair!  Long story short, the blonde hair wasn't really the plan to begin with.  I wanted light brown hair with blonde highlights.  This was my inspiration picture:
Image via Pinterest
The initial color appointment left my hair brown with orange streaks.  It looked AWFUL!  I went back to the salon (my first mistake - I should have gone to another salon!) and their solution was to bleach my whole head and add blonde toner.  After about 4 hours, my hair was still highlighter yellow.  So they added a bit darker toner.  And the bleached blonde look above was what I left with.  Initially I thought maybe I would get used to it, but it was still very much not what I wanted and was very crayon yellow.  I used purple shampoo for blondes and washed my hair less than usual, but the color still seemed to look worse and worse.  It just didn't look remotely natural, and it didn't help that there were no lows/darker tones.  it looked very amateur.  I did have a few people who saw it in person ask if I went to a salon, which implies that they thought I did it at home myself.  I also had bleach burns on my scalp which were painful and itchy.  3 weeks to the day of the first appointment, I went to another salon and had a long, honest consultation with the salon owner.  Based on the condition of my hair (bleached out, porous, and spongey when wet), we decided to color my hair back to an espresso/chocolate toned brown.  They could have tried to give me the original light brown with blonde highlights, but were hesitant because lifting the hot yellow toner off the sections that would be highlighted could have damaged the hair even more.  Plus, I was just ready to get off the hair color roller coaster!  The salon owner was so adorable.  He looked at me and said, "You're done gambling, aren't you?" in the kindest way!  I thought that was the perfect description.  So they had their most experienced colorist (46 years!!) take care of me and I left with a gorgeous head of chocolatey hair!  As soon as I saw myself with dark hair, I felt giddy and overwhelmingly happy!
Who's that brunette kissing my husband??  Oh wait, that's me! :)
I will have to go back a few times once the brown fades since it's over blonde hair, but they said after a few colorings, my hair would hold the dark pigment.  So, the #1 lesson I learned?  Go to an EXPERIENCED colorist, one who is especially familiar with taking people from whatever color your hair is to the polar opposite color on the spectrum.  And also?  I now have a better appreciation for the brown hair I was born with!          
Image via
Happy Independence Day, America!


  1. Love 'em on you! I've never ordered glasses online, but want to! So much cheaper.
    Happy 4th of July! Hope you have a great long weekend!

  2. Happy Independence Day, Kristen! I love the frame on you! I wear glasses most of the time, but I've never bought glasses online. I prefer to try them on!

  3. WOW! Gorgeous! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blonde hair and Happy 4th July to you :-)

  4. Thanks, Lily! I am actually back to brown now! I updated this post with the whole story of craziness. I am really happy to be a brunette again, LOL!

  5. Thank you, Sunny! True, trying things on definitely makes life easier, but the photo software on the site is really good and the glasses I "tried on" virtually fit EXACTLY like they appeared in the picture. Pretty technologically groovy, lol! PS: I love you in your glasses!

  6. Thanks, T-Money! :D Yesterday was awesome, lots of poolside chillin' and then watching TV fireworks later with my mom! Thanks to the magic of TV, we got to see the displays from here, Washington, DC, and NY! Super fun! You should def check Firmoo out for your next glasses order. I was really impressed! The photo upload option is spot-on! Happy weekend, boo!

  7. Those look great!! I love my Firmoo glasses xx

  8. I loved the yellow-toned ones you picked! They're so flattering on you and look pretty amazing with coral lipstick! :)

  9. I always buy Ray Ban as they're the only one that fit my face:) But these look great and I would like to try them!

  10. Hi Helena! Ray Bans are classic! :) You should definitely try Firmoo shades sometime b/c if they do work for you, it would be a nice savings! Thanks for stopping by!


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