Thursday, March 25, 2010

ultimate supreme

What do you usually drink in the morning? Cuawfy! Current fave being Brothers' French Vanilla Regular.
What kind of toothpaste do you use? Sensodyne.
Do you ever use Vaseline on your lips? Nope, I am an Aquaphor person.
Do you have any clothes that are dry clean only? Yes but not many!
When was the last time you changed your sheets? Monday.
Do you ever go through phases where you eat one kind of food a lot? Yes; I develop favorite dishes at certain restuarants and order the same thing for weeks.
How often do you get headaches? Not too often.
Where’d you get your last haircut? Kristi @ Jon Van Salon ~ she rocks a razor cut like nobody's pinatas!
Do you ever wear headbands? Not often.
How do you feel about middle-parted hair? I'm a side-part fan myself, but, to each his own!
Which do you like better: peas or green beans? Fresh peas - not the canned kind.
Do you like Slurpees? Slushies? Show me someone who doesn't love this arctic treat!
Do you like food with garlic in it? Yes, love it!
Do you remember the last compliment you received? A couple co-workers said they liked my haircut.
Do you have a favorite type or brand of lotion to use? Cetaphil b/c it works the best; Olay Quench b/c it smells ridiculously swell.
When was the last time you ate goldfish crackers? Maybe a month or two ago; those are always jolly good.
Do you know all your city's sports teams? I so do! Go Thrashers.
Have you ever had something weird go through the laundry with your clothes? Chapstick and paper - both with horrendous consequences!
How often do you paint your nails? Every few weeks.
What do you use to wash your face? Clinique and Cetaphil.
Would you rather go to the aquarium or the zoo? Aquarium.
Can you think of the last time you mailed a letter? It's been a while since I sat down and penned an actual letter.
Do you remember the last time you burned a CD for someone else? Some weeks ago.
Do you have your own bank account? Sure do
Have you ever sold your clothes for cash? Yes
Did you see the movie Juno, and if so, did you like it? I found it quite enjoyable.
Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night just to check your email? Absolutely not!
What kind of trees are in your yard? Bradford pears, and they are currently exploding in a fun firework-esque floral display.
Is it usually hot or cold on Halloween where you live? Cold n' clammy.
Do you like the full moon? We swear it fuels crazy calls at work.
What do you like the songs you listen to to be about? Gumshoes, of course.
When was the last time you said 'yay'? About an hour ago.
What's the name of the bookstores in your city? I like the Book Nook, personally.
Do you find snow beautiful? Yes, for approximately 1-2 days and then I'm ready for it to raise up out.
Do you like being up high where you can see a lot of things (like a plane)? Yes, as long as it's secured, i.e. handrails and safety straps.
What is the closest thing to you that is red? My shirt and my Powerade.
What time did you get up today? 7:43
What have you eaten today? Cheese grits, yogurt, strawberries & creme oatmeal and soon - 4 Oreos.

Last song you listened to? Take Me Home Tonight - Eddie Money
The song playing in your head at this time is? Rock This Town - The Stray Cats
Song that makes you laugh everytime you hear it? Right Back Where We Started From - Maxine Nightingale (but I love it)

Name the last movie you saw. FAME
Can you quote a line from it? If so, which line? Nothing specific, just lots of stuff about pushing yourself and working hard and leaving it all on the dancefloor.
Your current favorite movie? I'm in the mood to take in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead. It always reminds me of summer fun!
The movies you watch that makes you cry everytime is...? Any that involve a person (The Notebook, The Cure) or animal dying (Marley & Me) or moving on (Free Willy, The Little Mermaid).

Store? Target, Burlington Coat Factory, Ross, CVS, Publix, Pier 1 and almost everything housed in Lenox Sq Mall.
City? I like laid-back beach towns.
Sport? Hockey, gymnastics, the Olympics (aside from CURLING)
Color? turquoise, teal, yellow green, coral, ballet pink, cobalt blue, rich purple, school bus yellow, true red
Ice cream? Häagen-Dazs chocolate, Häagen-Dazs strawberry, Häagen-Dazs Sticky Toffee Pudding, Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby******* (*******denotes super fave)
Drink? Diet Dr. Pepps, root beer, cream soda, Fanta Grape & Strawberry, Cherry Coke, Cherry Coke Zero, tropical juice containing guavas, Chic-fil-A lemonade.
Animal? I'm not sure there's one I don't like.
Time of Day? When we're released from work, dusk, afternoons on the weekend
Season? They all have their merits, but spring and summer are my personal faves.


  1. That's quite a robust list! I like your faves and they very much capture your essence. But you forgot Caffeine Free Diet Mtn Dew!! You're always gankin' my fave drink!! ;-) Luvs, J

  2. You sure are a person who knows what they like and do not like. You sure like lots of things!

    A fun read. Love, LaVida Loco


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