Saturday, February 19, 2011

REVIEW! | Farmhouse Fresh Bourbon Bubbler Brown Sugar Body Scrub

I first heard about Farmhouse Fresh Goods on Twitter from one of the style and beauty mags/blogs I follow, and after reading the description for this product, especially the "rich, gingersnap-pecan scent", I knew I wanted to try it! What's not to love? It contains real brown sugar and Kentucky whiskey, it's hand-made in Texas, and the lovely Dianna Agron of Glee claims to use it daily (I'm sure she wasn't paid to say such a thing, right?! Wink, wink). I have now used it twice and it is by and far the most effective body scrub I've ever used. Go easy on the amount of elbow grease you utilize whilst scrubbing! I am used to scrubs that require some serious physical exertion to get the job done. Not this one, my friends! If you apply too much muscle, you may wind up removing your entire epidermal layer. The scrub smells absolutely ahhhhh-mazing; like fresh-baked pecan pie enjoyed by a fireplace during the winter holidays! It leaves your skin incredibly smooth and soft after use, but I did find that you have to use lotion after showering to avoid that uncomfortable itchy dry skin effect. I only have two negative things to say about this product.

1.) You have to clean your shower after you use it because the oils adhere to the tile and tub, creating a very slippery slope during one's shower dismount.

2.) The product comes in a glass jar, which is charming but impractical. Your hands get very slick while using it due to the emollients, so be careful. Jason suggested putting it into a plastic Tupperware container, which is definitely a solid idea. After all, no one wants to end up like the fabled Miss Susie, falling upon a piece of glass when all they were trying to do is take a shower.

Overall, this product is very useful, smells wonderful and does precisely what it claims. If you want extra soft, extra smooth skin, I highly recommend it!

To order one for yourself, visit Farmhouse Fresh Goods.

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