Monday, September 26, 2011

M&BB Monday Poll

This poll is from my favorite beauty blogger Karen @ Makeup & Beauty Blog

1. Mood: Quite happy - I heard "Ice Ice Baby" on the drive home AND Monday is OVAH! Yips!
2. What are a few of your least favorite things? When you're SO EXCITED about an online purchase, it arrives and doesn't work out for whatever reason and then having to ship it back and wait weeks to get your $ refunded. Also, back pain.
3. Today I’d love…to take a luxurious shower, get into comfy pj's and catch up on all the TV I have recorded from last week.
4. Outfit? Red cardigan, charcoal pants, cork wedges. I'm so ready to wear boots. And socks!!
5. Exactly where are you right now? In my sunroom AKA the best room in this hacienda!
6. Describe your favorite jacket to wear in the fall. I love my white coat Jason gave me; it's dreamy!
7. When was the last time you bounced on a pogo stick? Can't remember ever using one of those, but Pogo Bals? Oh hell yeah! 1992.
8. Your two cents (beauty related)? Paula's Choice is a really great skincare line and my skin seems very happy when I use it. Jason uses the SPF 45 non-greasy sunscreen when he golfs and he loves it.
9. Your two cents (non-beauty related)? My day was brightened so much by co-workers asking J-Larks, "What is twerking?" - I thought he was going to hit the deck laughing! It's always a good day at work when twerking comes up for discussion.
10. Weekly goals: Cut down by at least 2 cigarettes per day, catch up on the PILE of accumulated TV shows from last week, read 100 pages of this silly ass book I'm reading, be early to work every day, go to bed earlier than usual so the 7 AM alarm clock won't feel like hell on Earth, work out twice.

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