Thursday, September 17, 2015

FIVE FAVE! | Brown Lipsticks

The cooler weather here in Atlanta has me so excited for all things fall.  Some of my favorite aspects of fall beauty are warm eyeshadows (hello cranberry!), dark nail polishes, and brown lipsticks.  While I personally feel like anyone can pull off brown lipstick, some are dubious.  I decided to dig through my stash and pull out my five favorite browns; the varying degrees of shade and coverage mean there's a brown here for everyone!  

MAC Photo - Golden Brown (Satin)
This is a shade for those who want a bold true brown.  Photo can also be mixed with lighter lipsticks to add a brown tone to them.  Amanda Valentine on Project Runway All Stars wore The Best nude lipstick combo and, thanks to the power of Twitter, she revealed it to be a mix of MAC Photo and Myth.

MAC Double Shot - Full-bodied Mocha Cream (Amplified)
This is a gorgeous, luminous plummy brown.  I love it not only for the color, but also for the name which makes me think of delicious coffee treats from Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks!  If I was playing Lipstick Survivor (c) Liz // BeautyReductionista, Double Shot would be the one I'd forsake all others for.

L'Oreal Brazil Nut - Copper Brown Nude (Colour Riche)
If Revlon's Toast of New York is a little too russet red for you, try Brazil Nut!  The finish is slightly sheer, allowing your natural lip color to peek through, and the color itself is more desaturated.

MAC Shitake - Brown (Glaze)
This is a lovely sheer brown with a hint of sheen.  Glaze is the perfect description for the finish!  [I'm gutted that this was LE!  I thought it was permanent until I went googling for a link.  This color has been brought back a time or two, so if you don't want to scour eBay, it might be for sale in a future collection as a repromote.  I'm so sorry I included an LE item!]

MAC Fresh Brew - Creamed Coffee (Lustre)
This is the sheerest member of what I've come to lovingly think of as MAC's Coffee Shop Collection (Fresh Brew, Double Shot, Creme in Your Coffee), and was a gift from my friend Sarah // tatt2sandwarpaint.  This is a great starter brown for anyone looking to dip their toe into the trend without committing to full-on tater skin realness. ;)

Top to Bottom: Photo, Double Shot, Brazil Nut, Shitake, Fresh Brew
Top to Bottom: Fresh Brew, Shitake, Brazil Nut, Double Shot, Photo

What's your favorite brown lipstick?  What aspect of fall makeup gets you excited for the change in season?  

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