Monday, November 16, 2009


I had to clean my oven tonight, therefore I had to stop and purchase cleaner since I don't keep any on-hand (I know you're shocked). I was trotting merrily along in Publix when I spotted a delicious dinner possibility: tuna fish. I love canned tuna fish. I was very excited about this "meal". I head home, visions of flipping tunas twirling in my head, spray the oven down with "Easy Off" (sure...) and then get the mayo and mustard out of the fridge. For those who don't know, Jason and I are moving in together this weekend, so 96.7% of my belongings are packed. Anyone seeing where this is going? What kitchen implement might one need to open a can of tuna (or whoop ass, whichever)? Yep. A can opener. Where is mine? In a box down by the river! I actually started digging around through the mountain of packed goods (pic below) hoping the kitchen utensils might be easily uncovered, but to no avail. After climbing over a row of cardboard nightmares and opening about 6 boxes, I gave up and ordered a pizza. V. disappointing.


  1. I definitely think pizza gets the nod over a can of tuna fish, no matter how long its been since your last foray into sandwich making. And scaling 6 boxes for a can opener does seem a bit extreme...3 might have been a good number at which to stop! ;-) Good entry sweets!!

  2. This is probably part of my reasoning for procrastinating packing whenever I move. I absolutely can't STAND not being able to find stuff. I feel your pain on this one. Although I have to say, the pizza sounds way better than tuna any day....


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