Monday, November 30, 2009

Nothing says Christmas like Wham

Christmastime is here, people! It’s official now that I’ve heard Wham!’s “Last Christmas” on the radio!

Driving to work today, I curiously ejected the Better Than Ezra Greatest Hits CD I've been listening to for a week straight to see if any of the radio stations here in town were belting out any holiday music. Much to my supreme delight, B 98.5 was delivering the goods in the form of Burl Ives' "Holly Jolly Christmas"! This was excellent news b/c it kicks off the month-long period at work where we are permitted to listen to Christmas music on the radio. My co-worker and I look forward to this YEAR ROUND. Apparently the entire agency used to be able to listen to music, but after countless feuds between cubicle neighbors about the music's volume and style ("I can't hear my Shania Twain with your N.W.A. blaring over there, you fool!!!", etc.), the privilege of listening to music was revoked. A couple of years ago, our boss agreed that we could rock out to Christmas tunes during the month of December in a gesture of good cheer. Anyway, nothing makes the time pass faster (or more enjoyably) than hearing the Eurhythmics cover “Winter Wonderland”!

J-Barti the Party and I are leaving for sunny Florida this Saturday morn and I cannot WAIT!!!! We’re going to be in Ft. Lauderdale the first part of the trip (including seeing the Thrashers play the Panthas @ BankAtlantic Centre on 12/5) and then we’re road tripping over to our favorite vacation spot to date, Longboat Key, for the latter half. We’re hoping to rent a stick shift so I can teach Jason how to drive one! I had an Acura Legend AKA “The Ac Attack” (02-06) that was a sweet 6 speed manual and I miss shifting! Also, what better car to teach someone on than a rental, right?! I checked the forecast for our projected trip dates and things are lookin’ good!!! This sure is a better way to celebrate Jason’s birthday than last year – he was moving and then got sick as a dungeon-dwelling cave cat with the stomach flu. Fun times!

Forecast for Sarasota, FL:

High/Low (°F)

Sat Dec 05
Mostly Sunny 67°/46°

Sun Dec 06
Partly Cloudy 72°/55°

Mon, Dec 07
Partly Cloudy 75°/56°

Tue Dec 08
Mostly Sunny 77°/59°

Wed Dec 09
Sunny 79°/62°

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