Monday, November 9, 2009

Greasy Reasy!

Last night's Thrashers game was interesting; The first 2.5 periods were about as enjoyable as Thanksgiving dinner with the Dr. Phil Family. Luckily, the game had an exciting finish in which we kicked ass! Moving to sit with the Blueland Chronicle Boyz in da Sweaters seemed to turn things around! Afterwards, we traipsed to Taco Mac and had the pleasure of meeting Jason's dreamboat, Mr. Hoagies n' Grinders Marty "The Party" Reasoner!


  1. Mr. Hoagies n' Grinders!! That's priceless! He is a grinder-extraordinaire no doubt. I'm sure we can find the right ingredients to go along with the finely blended Reasoner's Seasoner to go atop of his "grinder" sandwich!

    U look absolutely adorbs in the pic w/ Marty!!

    LUVS! Jasie Bear


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