Monday, July 26, 2010

it was clutch!

I feel like I ROCK the WORLD (of online goods for purchase)!

After days of careful strategizing and plotting, I have succeeded in my mission to win a gen-u-ine Vera Bradley 'Peacock' Clutch Wallet from eBay! Vera Bradley doesn't even sell this mofo on their website any more as the peacock print is 'retired', and I have tracked the globe via the internets, and found the singular item for sale at and only at eBay. Only 1 for sale on all of eBay. Only 1 for sale on the entire Internet. I knew what I had to do.

With my patented wait-til-the-one-minute-mark-to-bid method in full swing, I was feeling good. I knew there were other bidders tip-toeing amongst the tapestries, but I knew waiting until the last minute was the best bet. I was the high bidder! I was elated yet terrified that I'd lose my position at the top of Mount Shoppershigh! Then, with only seconds left on the shot clock, I was outbid by some feeble-minded marauder! I laid waste to her hopes and dreams like a surreptitious auction sniper by outbidding her in the final MILLISECOND by $1.00. Mwah ha ha! I know it sounds evil but this item is in the same ultra rare category as the elusive J. Crew Yellow Whale Umbrella, the sterling silver Lord of the Rings Arwen Butterfly Broach and the North American Bald Eagle. This is serious stuff.

Bidder >>>> Bid Time
kbelle Jul-26-10 20:31:21 PDT <-winner data-blogger-escaped-br="br" data-blogger-escaped-chicken="chicken" data-blogger-escaped-dinner="dinner" data-blogger-escaped-winner="winner">o***i Jul-26-10 20:31:20 PDT
kbelle Jul-26-10 20:31:06 PDT
o***i Jul-26-10 20:31:03 PDT
o***i Jul-26-10 20:30:50 PDT
kbelle Jul-26-10 20:30:27 PDT

To quote Ilya Kovalchuk, "I am very exciting"!

Thanks to Mrs. M. Huggins for showing me her lovely Vera clutch wallet that holds EVERYTHING. As you can see, I was quite enamored!


  1. This is a fantastic write-up about your e-bay adventures!! Way to go sweetie!

    Think my fave part was the line about "tip-toeing amongst the tapestries"! Resplendent. Hope to be able to borrow that one at some point...just don't know how it relates to hockey! LOL

    And to all feeble-minded marauders out there, be afraid, very afraid!!

    Jasie Bear

  2. You guys are too funny! Love you both and congrats K on the clutch! Wear it well. Love, La


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