Saturday, July 10, 2010

So Right, It's Wong!

From eonline: So You Think You Can Dance just lost "one of the greatest dancers—if not the greatest dancer—to ever come through our stage." That's what judge Mia Michaels told us last night about the exit of Alex Wong, this season's virtual winner (c'mon, everyone knows it) before he lacerated his Achilles tendon during rehearsals this week. Judge Adam Shankman (who should've been celebrating his dozen Emmy nominations) said everyone was "all so totally devastated"—partly because "Alex had just made a total breakthrough...Alex had set the bar so high on the show, it made everybody dance better. And now that Alex is gone, it is incredibly sad for him, but I also think it is incredibly sad for the other kids because he made them all better." Even though Alex's injury could prove career ending, Nigel Lythgoe is hopeful he will return to SYTCD. Like Billy Bell, if Alex recovers, he'll be invited back to the Vegas auditions. "He's not completed a series, so he's not an All-Star yet. He's a star, [but] not an All-Star." Despite his injury, Alex said he'd still "love to come back...I feel like I haven't finished my journey. I have so much more to learn."

Alex Wong is AMAZING - truly one of the best dancers on the show and I will really miss his performances every week. As a tribute to his talent and wonderful personality, I thought I'd share 2 videos. The first one gives those of you unfamiliar with him or So You Think You Can Dance (hereinafter SYTYCD) an idea of his skills at ballet. The second video shows how amazing the concept of SYTYCD really is - to take a dancer with a specific skill set, such as ballet, and ask him to dance a badass hip hop routine with an All-Star (former SYTYCD contestant) such as Twitch, whose speciality IS hip hop. Truly one of the BEST dances in SYTYCD history!! Get well, Alex! We will all be watching for you next season!

Team Alex Wong

Alex & Twitch - Hip Hop

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