Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cranberry Chutney n' such

Snagged from DisturbinglyHuman on Zanga! Thank you!

What were you doing an hour ago? Trying to find a song on iTunes. I hate it when they don't have one I'm really hoping they do!
When did you wake up today? 7:02
Is there anyone that could make your day if they showed up at your house? The full-sized Snuggle bear that brings joy to cities all over America with the So You Think You Can Dance tour! This thing is The Cutest. No denying it.
Do you live west of Ohio? Nopes!
Do you live east of Colorado? Yes
Does your middle name begin with a A, M, or S? No
How old was the last person you rode in a car with? 37
What color was the last vehicle you were in? white
Do you have big plans for the weekend? Yeah baby! It's Christmas!
How long have you lived at your current residence? 13 months
When was the last time you were up at 5am? A couple months ago b/c I couldn't sleep and kept waking up. V. annoying.
What was the last movie you saw in theaters? Wow. I guess it was Eclipse?! I don't go to movies too frequently!
When was the last time you went bowling? Last month for Emily's b-day!
How about swimming? This summer in Jacksonville.
Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? Not yet but I'll see it someday!
The Eiffel Tower? Zut alors! I REALLY want to see it in person. France is my dream! J'adore.
The Great Wall of China? It's not really on my radar.
When you go fishing, do you make someone else get the fish off the hook? Only went once and yes, I think I did have it removed by another party!
How old were you in 1999? 19
How many funerals have you been to this year? Thankfully NONE.
When was the last time you spent a night stargazing? On vacations I always give them a peek.
Are you taller than 5'6"? Yes
What was the last thing you cooked? Chicken n' Sausage Paprikash - YUM! It rocked the house.
Who were the last three people to call you? Mom, Jason and a nice lady who needed help with something at work.
What were you doing last night at 10pm? Sitting in my papasan chair reading Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster - and LOVING IT!

Did you go to daycare when you were little? A little but mostly I stayed with my mom.
Do you have a favorite pillow you always sleep with? Just the one that goes under my head.
When was the last time you slept in someone else's bed? Thanksgiving in Winston-Salem @ J's folks' place!
Are there any candles in the room you're in? Yes, I've got a Yankee Candle (Cranberry Chutney) rippin' freshness into my sunroom as we speak. Thanks, LaVaughn!
If you turn around, what is behind you? Windows.
Would you dye your hair hot pink for $50? No, though I thought it looked cute when Rachel McAdams had pieces of her hair dyed pink {photo below} back in the day. It doesn't hurt that she's stunning-ness personified!!
Do you know what you'd have been named had you been born the opposite sex? Christopher.
If you switch 'e' with 'a', 'n' with 'c', & 'l' with 'x' what's your name? Kristac.
When was the last time someone gave you a compliment?
Where did you get the shirt you are wearing? Target.
Where was the last place you spent more than $50?
What percent of your day includes music? I try to listen all day at work now that I have the option! Recently I've been rockin' around the proverbial Christmas tree thanks to B 98.5's constant stream of holiday tunes ever since Thanksgiving day!
What perfume/cologne do you wear? So many, I love fragrances! I could sniff different perfumes (parfums?) all day and never tire of it! Stella, Lotus Garden by Pacifica, CK One Summer, CK One, Strawberry Flowers by Fresh, Unconditional Love by Philosophy. I reallllllly want Love, Chloe but it's pricey!
What's the last TV show you watched? Real Housewives of Atlanta (my friend J-Larks has gotten me into it!)
What are you plans after this? Go. to. bed! Good night!

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