Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco in Boy - Test Drive + Swatches

Chanel Rouge Coco in Boy

Chanel's description: "ROUGE COCO SHINE Hydrating Sheer Lipshine provides lasting moisturizing shine in a water-light texture. The formula glides on for easy application, and a unique HYDRATENDRE complex hydrates and softens lips, giving them a healthier and fuller appearance. Available in a complete range of shades, from delicate beiges to dazzling berries, with a hint of shimmer to enhance a glossy finish."

My review: This unscented/unflavored sheer lip color, which reminds me of a hybridized lip tint / lovely non-sticky gloss, glides on like butter! It's got a nice shimmer to it without being opaque with frost. Boy is a great pink shade that makes your lips look healthy and gives them a pretty shine. If you are not typically a lipstick girl, I think you'd absolutely love Rouge Coco Shines! They have just a hint of color so they're great for on-the-go application sans mirror. They are definitely hydrating and feel like a very well-formulated balm on your lips.

The packaging is great, too. It's slimmer than a regular tube of lipstick, so it can be slipped into a jean pocket or clutch. It makes an enjoyable little click when it's closed, signaling that it's kosher to toss it in your {giant} bag with reckless abandon since the cap is fully secured and you won't discover a mess later.

I ordered mine from the Chanel site and it arrived 4 days later (I didn't pay for expedited shipping). The lipstick came tucked inside a canvas Chanel bag which made me laugh as it reminded me of the little purple velvet bags Crown Royal comes in!

Color Payoff: 9/10 (it's supposed to be sheer, and it is)
Endurance: 7/10
Packaging: 10/10
Scent/Taste: 10/10

Price: $32.00
Where to buy:, any department store featuring a Chanel counter (you can locate one at the Chanel site)

Chanel Rouge Coco in Boy
Chanel Rouge Coco in Boy

Chanel Rouge Coco in Boy - on NW 20 skin

Chanel Rouge Coco in Boy (With Flash)

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