Friday, April 1, 2011

HG! | Aquaphor Healing Ointment

J'adore Aquaphor!

I have been using Aquaphor as my primary lip balm for years; it's super moisturizing, clear, non-sticky, unscented/unflavored and leaves a nice bit of shininess on your pout. Use it before bed and wake up to extremely soft lips! This product has been a life-saver for me for so many reasons, here are a handful:

1.) Heals and completely prevents chapped lips.
2.) Rubbing a little on a nose raw from habitual blowing during a case of the sniffles soothes the skin and prevents peeling.
3.) If dry, irritated nostrils are on your seasonal allergy checklist, putting a little in your nostrils with a Q-tip will calm the agitated skin and help stave off nosebleeds. As someone with frequent, and inappropriately timed (Really? After waiting over an hour to ride the teacups at Disneyworld...), nosebleeds, this product has made a big difference!
4.) Slather it on your paws and massage it into your cuticles before slipping on moisture gloves overnight for ridiculously soft mitts.
5.) Same for your feet!
6.) Dry elbows/knees/ankles don't stand a chance of continuing their recalcitrance once you hit them with a dab of this wonder goo!
7.) Use as an under eye moisturizer before bed; it does the damn thing!
8.) Use on cuts/scrapes to accelerate healing.
9.) Skin peeling from sunburn? This will help stop it.
10.) Soothe skin annoyed by bug bites.

Aquaphor does so many wonderful things (those are just my uses, there are tons more!) that I wanted to spread the word to anyone unaware of it's magical powers. It's available at all drug and discount stores and comes in a variety of sizes ranging from the pocket/purse-perfect 2 pack of .7 oz tubes to the above glorious 3.5 0z beauty of a tub! In case you couldn't tell from the blatant exclamation point usage, I'm still pretty excited about recently coming into possession of this mega tub size o' magnificence. Aquaphor continues to be my HG (holy grail) lip balm!

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