Friday, April 15, 2011

REVIEW! | Urban Decay Rollergirl Palette for Spring 2011

I have been very anxiously awaiting the release of this fun and lovely Spring 2011 palette by Urban Decay (henceforth referred to as UD)! UD makes GREAT palettes in general, but this one in particular appealed to me because it contains 3 neutral shadows and a brown liner, so it works for everyday wear, and the hot pink shadow practically screamed good times (with party hats and streamers)!

All 4 powder shadows apply like a dream; they have a creamy smooth application and crazy good color concentration. I literally touched the brush to Darkhorse and it picked up enough pigment to do both eyes. Verve makes a great highlighter! I really can't emphasize enough how perfectly these shadows applied. Also, I got absolutely loco and used the Woodstock shadow as a blush; it worked fabulously! The Whiskey eyeliner was also a winner; it glided on perfectly smooth in 1 swipe. I normally have to make numerous runs with other eyeliner pencils to get a nice, even coat. It applied like a gel with the precision of a pencil and it lasted all day without budging. The only thing I'm not super wild for is the Crush lip gloss; it's mint flavored/scented and it's a touch on the sticky side. The hot pink color looks mind-rockingly bold in the tube, but it thins out to a very well-behaved pink once it's on your lips. It's a pretty color, but I'm not ultra jazzled by any mint-flavored lip products. I'd rather they be completely flavorless as it greatly reduces the urge to lick your lips, therefore leading to H.R.S. (Habitual Reapplication Syndrome)! Sometimes I do like fruity or sweet flavored lip balm/gloss, but I've never been big on mint.

I decided to follow the guru Christine's tutorial on Temptalia to create an eye look using this palette. Big thank you to Christine for writing it up; it was easy to follow and I was very happy with the snazzy results! I started with Laura Mercier Mineral Primer on my face and Urban Decay Primer Potion in Greed as my eyeshadow base; the look below lasted ALL DAY LONG with ZERO smudging, melting, or fading. I love UD!

Thanks also to Emily S. for buying me my first ever UD palette for my 26th birthday!

Woodstock (eyeshadow): Warm Shimmering Fuchsia
Verve (eyeshadow): Pale Oyster Shimmer
Suspect (eyeshadow): Light Coppery Brown Shimmer {Previously featured in the UD Book of Shadows Palette}
Darkhorse (eyeshadow): Deep Neutral Brown Shimmer {Previously featured in the UD Naked Palette}
Whiskey (eyeliner pencil): True Brown Matte
Crush (lip gloss): Punchy Fuchsia Gel with Gold Microglitter

Color Payoff: 10/10
Endurance: 10/10
Packaging: 10/10
Scent/Taste: 7/10
OVERALL: 10/10

Price: $32.00
Where to buy:, Sephora

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