Monday, May 20, 2013

REVIEW! | L'Oreal Strawberry Blonde, With A Twist Infallible 24H Shadow (Miss Candy Collection)

What color eyeshadow did you most often wear in high school?  I rocked a pale, shimmery pink from Cover Girl called Pink Chiffon (they still make it!) in my early high school years, and a sheer iridescent violet loose powder shadow during my later years there.  I have no idea who made the violet shadow, but I know I wore it for years - even during college.  When I saw L'Oreal's With A Twist, an iridescent violet loose powder shadow, my heart leapt!  It looks exactly like the mystery shadow from my early years of wearing makeup!

With A Twist and Strawberry Blonde are two of the four limited edition shadows from L'Oreal's Spring/Summer 2013 Miss Candy Collection (here's a great shot of the display thanks to Nouveau Cheap) in stores now.

The shadows promise 24 hours of wear and I can confirm that these lasted all day on me (12-13 hours) without any signs of vanishing or creasing.  They may last 24 hours, but I'm not wearing eyeshadow to bed to test that claim out!  :)
L'Oreal Strawberry Blonde Infallible 24H Shadow
L'Oreal Strawberry Blonde Infallible 24H Shadow - Blended / Dry / Wet
Strawberry Blonde is a pale, airy pink shimmer with magenta iridescence.  The magenta duochrome aspect of this shadow reminds me of cotton candy after you bite into it and the spun sugar gets wet.  This color is very sheer but can be built up.  It's hard to capture the duochrome effect on film, but it's really pretty!

I'd recommend applying these dry; the color smoothes on wonderfully that way.  When I applied these shadows wet, they tended to clump and scrump.  

My Rating: B+ (Strawberry Blonde)
L'Oreal With A Twist Infallible 24H Shadow
With A Twist Infallible 24H Shadow - Blended / Dry / Wet
With A Twist is my favorite of the two!  It's a lovely violet with iridescent blue microshimmer.  It can be applied as sheer or as built-up as you'd like.  I LOVE violet purple shades in general, and this one is just gorgeous!  With A Twist is similar to the violet shimmer shade in the Tarina Tarantino Fantastical Jewel Palette, but it's more iridescent and has microshimmer.  It's also similar to the violet shade in the NARS Marie-Galante duo, but it has a more pigmented base.
L'Oreal With A Twist / Tarina Tarantino Violet Shimmer
My Rating: A+ (With A Twist)
Where to Buy: Drugstores (I found the full collection at my local Walgreens)

Would you still wear the eyeshadow color you used to wear in high school?  What did you love about it at the time?


  1. OMG I'm loving With a Twist, gorge! I could pass on Strawberry Blonde, it looks like 50 other eyeshadows that I have.

  2. Isn't it lovely?! I kind of wish I'd skipped Strawberry Blonde myself for the same reason you mentioned. With A Twist is awesome, though! :)

  3. So pretty! But methinks a little too shimmery for these old eyes! Those sparkles would just highlight every crease on me LOL. I'm loving shades like this a lot though lately-I'm finding I can't go too dark anymore. :)

  4. There's always a brightening, eye-opening effect when you wear lighter shades! Plus, sometimes it's just so easy to put on something light and be ready to go! :)

  5. Oh, love With a Twist! I'm a sucker for purple eyeshadows. Thanks for the great swatches! :)

  6. Thank you, Amber! I'm a purple shadow lover myself. With A Twist is just fun!

  7. I'm returning Strawberry Blonde. One of my favorite YouTubers Samanthaschuerman used it as a highlight on her cheekbones & in her video I noticed how much she was glowing before she even mentioned that she was wearing Strawberry Blonde as her highlight but I bought it on my lunch break & highlighted my cheekbones & sure enough magenta glitter on my cheeks! Not flattering at all, especially not at work. However, thanks to your review I will be purchasing With a Twist. It looks too gorgeous too pass up. Thanks for the post!


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