Friday, May 3, 2013

REVIEW! | Milani Pink Express + Flaming Race High Speed Fast Dry One Coat Nail Lacquers

All right stop, collaborate and listen!  Milani's back with some brand new their High Speed Fast Dry One Coat Formula nail lacquers!  Sorry, I'm having a Vanilla Ice moment. :)

Milani's added several new shades to their quick drying polish collection, and I picked up Flaming Race and Pink Express, $4.99 USD.
Milani Flaming Race, Pink Express
Pink Express is described as a "light pink cream".  I needed two coats to make this lovely candy pink shade fully opaque, which is not bad at all.  I only point this out because the brand claims these polishes are "one coat", and I thought this color looked a little patchy and needed a second coat.  Still, it's an absolutely charming pink and, to me, totally worth a two coat effort!  
Milani Pink Express (Essie Set in Stones silver glitter accent nail)

My Rating: B+ (Due to Pink Express needing more than one coat)
Where to Buy: Milani 
Milani Flaming Race (OPI Alpine White accent nail)
Flaming Race is described as a "red coral cream".  I had no problem getting this gorgeous, almost neon, orange red to cover in one coat.  The flat brush provides great coverage and I had no problem with the polish bubbling or pooling.  Flaming Race with white dotted on top reminds me of the mushrooms in Super Mario Brothers games!
Milani Flaming Race (OPI Alpine White accent nail)
One thing of note for my nail polish junkies out there, if you already own OPI Cajun Shrimp, you can probably skip Flaming Race.  They are identical!  If you don't own Cajun Shrimp, Flaming Race is a few bucks cheaper, more widely available at drugstores across the US, and gives you the same quality formula and finish.  
OPI Cajun Shrimp (on index finger), Milani Flaming Race (all others)
Milani Flaming Race, OPI Cajun Shrimp
The quality of this polish is fantastic; I've now tried 4 different shades from the Fast Dry One Coat line and they've outperformed more expensive polish across the board.  I also love that Milani is available in the US at drugstores and large retailers like Target, so they are very easy to find.

My Rating: A
Where to Buy: Milani 


  1. Oooh I love the combination of the orange and the white polka dots :-D

  2. Thanks, Melissa! It reminds me of cartoons, lol!

  3. Haha love the Vanilla Ice reference LOL. These do look really great!

  4. Flaming Rose looks familiar! I am relatively sure I have something pretty similar! Pink Express looks adorable on you, but I'm guessing it'll make my skin tone look a bit "dirty." Some pinks do that!

  5. Ha! I'm glad you enjoy some good, old fashioned Ice Ice Baby, lol! :D

  6. Flaming Rose is a great color! I was surprised that I already had something so similar to it myself! I totally get what you're saying about the "dirty" aspect. I don't have that exactly, but some yellow-based "nude" shades (what does "nude" mean, specifically?! Nude could be hundreds of colors, guys!) make me look quite corpse-alicious! ;)


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