Sunday, August 11, 2013

REVIEW! | Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation in 210 Buff

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation, $45.00 for 1 oz, is a full coverage matte foundation with a smooth, velvety finish.  It's a great full coverage option that doesn't feel heavy or cakey.  It's completely matte, which is great for those who just prefer the matte look or prefer to add shimmer either with their color products (hello MAC Mineralize Skinfinish and Milani Baked Blush!) or by adding an illuminator to their foundation (MAC Lustre Drops, NARS Illuminators).
The packaging is pretty; a frosted glass bottle with a pump for dispensing the perfect amount of product without the mess.  Pump up the jam!
Unblended / Blended
I'm wearing Teint Idole Ultra in the photos below.  I'm wearing Too Faced Sweethearts Blush on my cheeks in both shots so that's adding a bit of shimmer there.  As you can see on my forehead, nose, and chin, the coverage is completely matte.  I am not wearing setting powder in either shot.
The full coverage formula covers my spots and dots without looking like a makeup mask and the foundation feels breathable and comfortable.  I've definitely had issues with other full coverage liquid foundations feeling like they were sliding down my face after a few hours of wear.  Not with Teint Idole Ultra!  It feels like a light coverage foundation or tinted moisturizer but lasts all day without creeping.

You get the same amount as a bottle of Revlon ColorStay but the Lancome comes with a pump.  I've found the Lancome has more coverage than ColorStay and doesn't give the skin a powdery look.  Teint Idole Ultra does contain SPF 15, so there is minor flashback in photos.  For regular everyday wear, it's a champ!

My Rating: A
Where to Buy: Lancome, Sephora

What's your favorite full coverage foundation?


  1. I remember trying a sample of this foundation and immediately realizing that it was not for me. I don't remember WHY exactly though...

  2. Hey Kristen, I'm glad to hear you like it so much! I haven't tried any full-coverage foundations from what I can remember. Maybe I should try to score a sample of this one!

  3. TracyBeautyReflectionsAugust 11, 2013 at 1:25 PM

    GORGEOUS!!!!! I remember you telling me to get this foundation! I will when I run out. I love the finish a lot!

  4. I know you will love this foundation! It also doesn't have that super fast dry down where you have to apply it to your face in patches. It's smooth as butter brickle ice cream! ;)

  5. Oh you definitely should! It's like wearing lightweight foundation with the added benefit of extra coverage! I think it's a great option for people who love the feel of lightweight foundations!

  6. Hmm? I wonder why? Foundation preference is so very personal - almost like finding the perfect perfume - you gotta try a lot of different brands and types before you find your perfect one! :)

  7. It looks amazing on you Kristen! I love this foundation as well because the ones from Kat Von D are too pink for my skin-tone and this has the same coverage & finish if I wanted something with more coverage.

  8. Aw, thank you, Lisa! <3 I do love this foundation; it covers like a pro! I've never tried the KVD foundation but I love her eyeshadow palettes!


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