Thursday, August 8, 2013

To Have and To Haul: MAC Tan Pigment, Half 'n Half Lipstick, Just Superb Cremesheen Glass - Review, Photos, Swatches

To Have and To Haul is a new series of haul posts that will contain the usual photos, swatches, and reviews that I typically split into separate, individual posts.  Think of it as beauty bundling! ;)

One of my favorite things to do is randomly shop the MAC site.  Normally I've seen the product I'm ordering on blogs and in magazines countless times before I've decided to buy it.  I like to Google swatches to make sure the color will be flattering on my skin tone (Karla Sugar, you are DA BOMB!).  Sometimes though, I just pick colors off a brand's site without doing my usual Google swatch-a-thon, and I've actually found some of my favorite products that way.  I already knew I needed MAC's Tan pigment in my life after seeing it in several EOTD (eye of the day) posts on Instagram, but the lip buys were a result of a random browse through MAC's "aisles".

MAC Tan Pigment
First...let's take a look at Tan Pigment, $21.00 for 4.5 grams!  To me, Pigments compare most closely to bareMinerals shimmer eyecolors, though you'll spend $14.00 for .54 grams there.  You get a TON of product with MAC Pigments; they definitely give you more bang for your buck.  
Like staring into a supernova of awesome.
This pigment is AMAZEBALLS!  It's the most flattering, multi-dimensional pinky bronze ever!  When I first opened the pot, I may or may not have exclaimed "Holy shizballs!" at a high decibel.
Wet, dry, over primer, or on bare skin, it is gorgeous!  Pigments are awesome because they can be used in so many ways; as an eyeshadow, a highlighter, mixed into foundation or moisturizer to add some glow.  This is my new favorite summer eyeshadow!  As with every shadow, I always start off the party with a quick swipe of NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base to keep the look locked down until it's time to wash my face and climb into bed.  Tan Pigment shines in it's fabulosity and doesn't crease or fade at all.  I have serious lurvies for this product!

My Rating: A+

MAC Half 'n Half Amplified Creme Lipstick
Next, we have Half 'n Half, $15.00, which is described as a "creamy pink" and is an Amplified Creme finish lipstick.  Amplified Cremes are similar to the Cremesheen finish in that they are full coverage and super comfortable (I.E. non-drying) to wear, but AC's last a bit longer.  I only had to reapply Half n' Half twice during a 10 hour day, which included eating and drinking, and it wasn't drying at all.  Win!  Half n' Half is a warm pink with a bit of brown/tan tones in it, which grounds the color and makes it quite wearable on my NW20-25 skin.  I'm neutral toned, but oftentimes I find that cool lipsticks look garish on me (even though blue-based glosses look good...??).  I also can't wear anything too warm; it just looks wonky.  I pretty much stick with lipsticks that aren't too warm or cool and I'm good to go.  I always thought Half n' Half would be too warm for me but it's actually pretty dope!
MAC Half 'n Half Amplified Creme Lipstick
Wearing MAC Half 'n Half
My Rating: A+

MAC Just Superb Cremesheen Glass

And last, but certainly not least, we have Just Superb Cremesheen Glass, $20.00, a "dirty neutral pink".    If you're not a fan of the uber sticky (albeit long-lasting) Lipglass formula, you should definitely give one of the Cremesheen Glass glosses a whirl.  They're smooth and non-sticky and smell like vanilla cupcakes (no taste, though).  If you prefer comfort over longevity (I.E. you don't mind reapplying your gloss every 2-3 hours), you will probably really dig the Cremesheen Glass formula.  Sticky glosses are one of my ultimate pet peeves, but I know a lot of people prefer them because they don't have to reapply as often.  I found Just Superb to be nicely moisturizing and quite similar to a balm, which rocks me like a hurricane!  Just Superb makes my pigmented lips look lighter and pinker in a very natural way.
Doe Foot Applicators FTW!  ;)
It does settle into lip lines a bit, but you can't see that unless you're taking extreme close-up shots of your lips!  At regular viewing distance, you can't see the settling at all.  Check it:
Wearing Just Superb Cremesheen Glass
My Rating: A+

A new combo plate favorite: Just Superb layered over Half 'n Half:

What did you last haul?  Did you uncover any new faves?


  1. Wow look at Tan! Such beautiful sparkle!

    I bought some stuff during my trip to Taipei, and I've been digging everything! I really should show you guys soon LOL

  2. TracyBeautyReflectionsAugust 8, 2013 at 12:57 PM

    GAHHHH man, I want ALL OF THEM!! SO PRETTY!! I need to get a job HAHAHAHA!

  3. Oooh tan is amazinggg - that might just have to be in my next MAC haul!!

  4. That MAC pigment looks so pretty! I have a few MAC pigments myself, but none of them look like this one :-)

  5. Tan is DA BOMB! I think it would look stunning on anyone, regardless of skin tone!

  6. Yass! Get it! It's the perfect go-to color that compliments any other makeup you're wearing! You will love!

  7. LOL! You are hilairs! Tan pigment would look AMAZING with your new hair!

  8. Yes you should! We need to know what you're rocking! :)


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