Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

How was your weekend?  I had a great one!  I had some fun with Jason and my mom, and I got a lot of stuff done!
Friday I depotted MAC eyeshadows for the first time by following this wonderful tutorial.  After I slowed down and realized there was a right and wrong place to pry the shadow open, it was really easy!  One thing I'd add to the supply list would be bandages.  Ya know, in case you're like me and just claw and pry at things like an animal until you accidentally stab yourself in the hand (twice) with sharp plastic bits.  Actual blood was shed, guys!  I was going Hulkamaniac on it!  These pythons were running wild on that eyeshadow pot!
After the learning curve of eyeshadow #1, it was totally smooth sailing easiness!  Now I have a nice looking palette and 3 empty pots to add to my Back to MAC stash.  For anyone who isn't familiar with the program, MAC will give you a free lipstick for every 6 empty MAC containers you send in to the website or bring in to a counter.  It's a great recycling program with a nice little reward!
I've started seeing the new Fall Bath & Body Works candles popping up on the interwebs and that's got me really pumped!  There's one in particular I really want to sniff called Sweater Weather!  I mean, how perfect is that name?  Anywho, I have a few 3 wick candles with very little left in the proverbial tank so I thought it would be good to upcycle them before I buy new ones.  I followed this tutorial:
In the past I've put them in the freezer to loosen the last of the wax, but this warm water melty method worked even better!  You put a pan of water on the stove on low heat and set the candles in it.  The wax melts on the bottom and the sides which allows it to pop right out into the trash can!  You wipe the rest of the melted wax out with dry paper towels and then go at it with soap and water.  After vigorous cleaning, you have some really nice jars that can be used to store anything your little heart desires.  I'm using mine to store q-tips and cotton balls.  They'd also make great brush holders!
The labels will soak right off, but I decided to leave a few on because I like the design.  If I ever tire of them, I can easily soak the labels off in warm water or just simply turn the labels toward the wall.  Lazy fix for the win! ;) 

Last but not least, I washed my brushes.  
For some reason, this task always relaxes me.  I do love starting the week off with clean brushes!

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun or cross anything off your to do list?


  1. TracyBeautyReflectionsAugust 19, 2013 at 12:08 AM

    SO COOL! I AM SO DOING THIS!!! It's genius!!
    Nothing much this weekend here besides sleeping! I actually slept almost 10 hours yesterday! I hardly ever do that!

  2. I love reusing my candle holders. Currently I use some to hold tea. The Tazo tea bags fit perfectly in them and I can close the lid still. Also store lippies in them as well.

  3. Yes!! These look so cute filled with lipsticks! I love the colorfulness of that! I also love nail polish in pretty glass jars!

  4. Good for you! You probably needed the extended rest! I was so excited when I found this tutorial! It's really easy - just don't be a dope like me and try to melt the wax off the tops in the pan. It melts right off...and gets on the other unsuspecting candles! Let me know how it goes if you do it!

  5. I did the same thing this weekend! Depotting and burnt fingers :(

  6. Noooo! No burnt fingers! I'm suprised I didn't burn myself. They make it seem so cinchy in the YouTube tutorials, lol! :)

  7. Thanks for the update, miss! I spent the weekend in Belgium, with friends and family. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun :-)

  8. In my nail salon I have an apothecary jar full of mini polishes.


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