Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette | Review, Swatches, EOTD

I was pretty stoked when I first heard about Maybelline's new The Nudes eyeshadow palette.  Twelve neutral shades ranging in finish from matte, satin, and shimmer all for the budget-friendly price of $8.99 USD.  I know I've griped before that it takes MONTHS to get the "new" drugstore products in-stock at any of my local retailers (Walgreens, CVS, Target) here in Atlanta.  It's like we really are Terminus.  Anywho, the reason I mention it here is to explain what took me so long!  I picked this up as soon as I saw it at my local Target.
I think it's AWESOME to see a nice eyeshadow palette of this magnitude from a drugstore brand!  When drugstore quads are going for $7.00-$9.00 USD a pop, it's pretty amazing to get 12 shadows for the price of 4.  Not everyone wants to drop $52 on an Urban Decay Naked palette, so it's wonderful to see Maybelline release a neutral option at a very reasonable price point.
The Nudes is a very well thought-out palette.  If palettes ever leave you Googling for ideas, you can safely step away from your laptop with The Nudes.  On the back of the palette you'll find instructions for how to use the shadows as quads, trios, and duos!  Super simple, handy, and helpful!  I think the quads and duos are especially fantastic.  Mega props to Maybelline for the thought that went into arranging the colors so they make sense.  While the included skinny sponge tipped applicator may not be great for applying color to the lid, it's quite perfect for smudging out liner around the eyes.  
Is there anything I don't love?  Well...yes.  I always like shadows to have names and love for the pans to be labeled.  However, that's certainly not a deal-breaker at $8.99.  The pigmentation on a few of the shadows is not stellar.  The matte ivory and matte black shadows are a bit patchy with or without primer, and the shimmery white shade needs to be packed on to get true-to-pan color.  Aside from those three, the shadows are pretty fantastic.  The shimmers are especially beautiful and apply like absolute butter!
Maybelline The Nudes Palette - Left Side
Maybelline The Nudes Palette - Right Side
Swatched first...photographed after.  DOH!
For the swatches below, all shadows were applied over NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.  I have oily lids so eyeshadow primer is a daily do.  Even if you don't have issues with fading or creasing, I would recommend wearing a base to unleash the full fury of these shadows.
Top row of Maybelline The Nudes Palette
Bottom row of Maybelline The Nudes Palette
Maybelline The Nudes Palette
Overall, would I recommend this palette?  Absolutely!  I think it's a fantastic budget-friendly neutral option and I can't say enough how much I love the color arrangement!  

Where to Buy: Drugstore.com, ULTA

Quick and easy bronze EOTD:
Bronzey-gold on the lid, medium mauve in crease, shimmery white on brow bone
All makeup worn:
1. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in St. Moritz
2. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla
3. MAC Golden Bronzer
4. NARS Madly Blush
5. Maybelline The Nudes Palette
6. MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara
7. NARS Angelika Lip Gloss
Have you tried Maybelline The Nudes?  What's your favorite drugstore neutral shadow palette?  


  1. THIS POST IS A SAVIOR. For real. I've been seeing Maybelline's ads ALL OVER Youtube, and I think their marketing is working... *gasp* !! But this post came just in time to convince me to go buy it! I agree this palette looks like a total steal (and yah I'm one of those people who can't drop money on a nice'un every day!! Hah!). I do also agree everything is better with a name.... Maybe you should come up with the names. You are quite good with that! Hahah! I'm especially in love with the bronze shadows. Both are fourth from the left on their rows. I'm assuming those were in your EOTD which is super amazing. That Angelika gloss was MADE for your face. Like seriously I'm diggin'.

    PS; Check my latest post! I'm literally so thankful for your generosity, you are an amazing person (NOT just because you sent me makeup). Like, "no-cry-sistah" almost cried.. Just a little ;) ;) Can't go around soiling my no-cry-rep! HA!

    Mucho Luvo!

  2. PPS: or is it PSS:?????
    I enjoy your new layout! I noticed this I believe yesterday? Two days ago? I DIG DUG.

  3. YES! I do love naming things!! I would literally love to be in charge of naming cosmetics. I would call the top middle bronze Brillz Bronze! This palette completely surprised me. I think Maybelline did a superb job with the layout and the shadows themselves! The 2 bronze-y shades and the pinky rose gold are unbelievable! If you pick it up, I'd love to know what you think -and hear your name ideas, lol! And thank YOU for all the love! :D You're so welcome for the mail! Nothin' but love for you, my friend! Cannot believe my sister in not crying almost cried! WOW! I am touched to hear that! Can't wait to see your post!

    Thanks for noticing the new layout! It's actually my old header in a new emerald green color. Was feeling emerald green yesterday! I still need to change the social media links since they don't match any more!



    PS: I think it's PPS as in post post script versus post script script? Or PSS for post script supremos!

  4. I still haven't seen this pop up at a drugstore here in Toronto (North Terminus). I definitely want to buy this for sure as I think it will suit almost any skin tone. Love that bronze shade on you!

  5. Hi Kristen!
    Thanks for the post! I bought drug store eye shadows only twice before, and wasn't impressed. Especially the first time when I got so called cream eye shadows which never set, so I ended scooping them out and putting lipstick in the little pans instead. Anywho, it's awesome that the good and affordable palettes actually exist. Your bronze eye makeup looks gorgeous! Awesome blending job!

  6. Heey Kristen! New blog post, yay!

    This looks like a neat little palette! The black seems like a bit of a flop, but honestly for 8,99, it's still a great buy! They even threw in some matte shades in there! I love that bronze on you!

  7. Pretty look Kristen :) it's funny because I pretty much have 8 of these colours via 2 of their quads! And the other 4 are dupable...so I ll pass on this but I do agree that it's great when drugstore brands come out with such affordable alternatives to high end makeup! I'm waiting for a drugstore brand to come out with contouring pencils. .like Mac's now discontinued pro shade sticks !

  8. This looks pretty great! I've seen it everywhere but I honestly have no use for another palette like this hahaha. I wished they came out with it like 2 years ago, ya know? Wouldn't have thought twice about bringing it home then! But now? I'm all nuded and nakeded out. :P Although, this would be a great travel palette. I hate bringing my expensive makeups when I travel in case I lose something or it breaks.

  9. I love how they came out with an actual palette, and at such a great price! Some drugstore quads cost just as much as this one...which is quite ridiculous. Anyway, the shimmers look so pretty and I'm loving your eye look!

  10. Hi Kristen! I love the bronzy look that you did -- your lids look like they're glowing! The look is so pretty on you :). Is the NARS primer your favorite? I've only used UDPP so far and like it, but I keep on hearing good things about the NARS one!

  11. The look ideas on the back is really neat!! I keep going back and forth with this but I think I should just stop thinking and get it ha ha. For the price, it really is a great deal.

    The bronze shade is like wow! Totally stands out from the rest. If only the rest of the palettes had the same level of pigmentation!

  12. Oddly enough, I picked this up because I have a sudden hankering for Maybelline after ignoring them forever. It's $10-15 up here, and yeah, it's hard to complain given the price, but I think if people want pigmentation, they're better off with some NYX neutral palettes for similar price. I thought one of the pale shades (first top left one) was just really awful even for a cheap drugstore product. But I should try it out some more and see if I can adopt some of your enthusiasm. GO TEAM.

  13. This looks like a total steal to me :-O I will keep my eyes open for this one!

  14. The bottom row swatches look stunning! This hasn't arrived in the UK yet, we tend to be a few months behind. I like how they've separated the shades into duos/ trios and quads at the back.

  15. Such a gorgeous drug store palette - I think they have done a real good job with this one! I like the look of the back as well x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  16. Oh I would need this one in my life. xx

  17. Me too! I think that's my favorite part of the whole palette!

  18. Definitely let me know if you pick it up!

  19. I agree, the pigmentation could be better on the lighter shades, but the standout shades sort of made up for that to me. A few of the shimmery shades are pure deliciousness!

  20. It is a great deal! And it's so good to see a drugstore company doing a full palette with this much thought put into it.

  21. Thank you so much, Carolyn! Bronzy eyes are one of my favorites b/c they are so easy! The NARS primer is my favorite, though I like UD's too.

  22. Hi Laarni! Thank you! Bronze looks good with any eye color, I am convinced! Let me know if you happen to pick this one up!

  23. Thank you, Lily! I agree - drugstore quads are skyrocketing so it was refreshing to see Maybelline to a large palette and not bump the price up considerably. The shimmer shades are really the stunners!

  24. You're nude and nakeded out, LOL! Cracking up! I totally hear ya. But you're right, it would be a great travel palette selection!

  25. Thanks, Dee! I love seeing drugstore lines expand into more high-end ideas. Contouring sticks would be awesome!

  26. Heey Sunny! :) I agree, the black wasn't the blackest, richest ever, but for the price, I'm willing to overlook some things. The bronze is a real beauty!

  27. Thank you so much, Tanya! I'm never sure if I've blended enough, I hear "blend to you bleed, honey" in a drag queen voice in my head, lol! There's definitely lots of hits and misses at the drugstore. I like that you repurposed the fails into something useful. I just did that tonight. I melted a liptsick I found to drying into some coconut oil and poured it into an empty Maybelline Color Tattoo tub! Repurposing is so much fun!

  28. They really have! I love the way it's organized!


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