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rms beauty Raw Coconut Cream | Review & Photorial!

Hi people!  Today I'm finally getting around to reviewing a product I've been using daily for roughly the past 4 months, the rms beauty Raw Coconut Creme.  Should you shell out $18.00 for organic coconut oil?  YES.  You should do it immediately!
First and foremost, the rms beauty Raw Coconut Creme is nothing like any of the coconut oils I've bought over the years in grocery stores.  It's ingredient list is simply "coconut oil" that is certified organic.  rms beauty also credits a "new and modern processing technique" for it's superiority over other cold-pressed coconut oils.  Every time I open the lid, I'm treated with the delicious aroma of coconut cake!  I can't ever remember a previous coconut oil smelling this incredible.  In fact, I don't recall past coconut oil smelling like anything at all.  
They are not kidding on the melty/spillage tip.  I took the big tub of this (it appeared in my last empties post here) on my honeymoon to Puerto Rico.  I knew it wasn't practical, but I didn't want to start using something else and have to deal with breakouts.  I sealed it in a Ziploc bag and that was an excellent decision.  By the time we got to our hotel and unpacked, my typically solid tub of coco-liciousness was a clear pot of liquid due to the heat.  It stayed in oil form the entire trip, and some of it leaked a bit during the flight back, but it was relegated to it's sealed baggie so no harm, no foul.  Just something to note if you live in a climate whee it's consistently 80˚F/26.7˚C or more.  In my air conditioned apartment, the creme is slightly melty during the summer.  The melting does not reduce it's efficacy in any way.
What I love about the Raw Coconut Creme is the ease of removing every stitch of makeup, including difficult, bratty mascaras that usually hang on for dear life.  Long-wearing eyeliner and lipstick come off in a snap, too.  For a time I was using this as my sole cleanser, but my problematic skin demanded I follow it up with a foaming cleanser to remove every last trace of oil.  If you have dry skin, or just less sensitive/combative skin than I do, you can probably get away with using this as your one-step cleansing routine.  

I also love that it can be used as a body moisturizer, lip balm, hair savoir, and DEODORANT!  What?!  Yes, it works really well, actually!  One evening after my shower, my armpits were red and chapped from multiple run-ins with the synthetic fabric of the top I'd worn that day.  I honestly could not fathom applying an anti-perspirant to them.  I scooped out a dime sized amount of Coconut Creme and that was enough for both armpits.  My skin was singing hallelujah!  It soothed the redness and pain and, even though it's just a deodorant and therefore it's unable to stop perspiration, I was still rocking happy, dry pits the next day.  I tend to get chapped badly in the winter months and I know I'll be reaching for this little tub often. 

I originally took my demo photos back on June 10th.  Hey, that was the day I graduated high school...16 years prior!  Oh mon dieu.  Anywho, these photos were taken during my brief bout with blonde hair, so let's ignore that.  I also later realized I wasn't wearing that much makeup, so I repeated the process last week on a day where I wore full coverage foundation, full coverage concealer, and 42 purple eyeshadows.  I really wanted you guys to see how well it breaks up makeup!  On to the photorial!

What I was wearing pre-Coconut Creme on 6/10:
1. Hello!  Here is my face prior to cleansing.
2. & 3. Take a nickel sized scoop of rms beauty Raw Coconut Creme and rub it in circular motions on your face.  As you rub, the semi-solid (or solid depending on how much A/C you've got going on in your hacienda) creme melts into oil.
4. Take a dime sized scoop of creme and gently rub it in circular motions around your eye. 
5. Keep rubbing until you feel your mascara break up and you look like you've been socked in the eye.
6. Use a washcloth or muslin to wipe the oil and makeup debris away.  You can use them wet or dry.  I used a wet washcloth in the 6/10 demo above, and a dry Eve Lom muslin cloth in the 8/19 demo below.  I like both methods equally.  
7. Split screen action - right side is clean, left side still has makeup to be removed.
8. Completely cleansed face.
Makeup worn pre-Coconut Creme on 8/19.
Convenience Store Robbery Face / Post-Coconut Creme Cleansed Face
Top: Purple Shadow Extravaganza / Bottom: Coco Clean!
Bottom line, this is a fantastic multi-tasking organic product!  You should definitely add it to your wish list if it's ticking all of your excitement boxes.
Price: It's available in the 2.5 oz size for $18.00 USD or the large 8 oz tub for $42.00 USD.
Where to Buy: Anthropologie,


  1. What a great multitasker !
    Need to try this ! Love coconut sent !
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  2. Hey Kristen, thanks so much for the review! I've always been curious about RMS. I found a store in Brussels that carries the brand, and I should pay it a visit soon so I can check out the goodies! I've heard coconut oil works wonders for hair, but if I get a tub, I'll make sure I try it as a cleanser as well!

  3. This review made me want to break out my coconut oil again! I haven't been using it (for beauty... always cooking, hahaha) and I don't know why??? :O

    Can you buy rmsbeauty at Anthropologie? Is that what you are telling me there at the bottom of the post? hahaha I just found an Anthropologie near me, I've never been and I need more oil, and now this coconut oil. So...... broke again.

    I loved the pictorials, too! The eye makeup removal is most-impressive. I've only used the coconut oil as a mask or as a hair treatment, never makeup remover or even deodorant??!! So cool how versatile this stuff is.

    Much Love,

  4. Ok I NEEDS this. Maybe. I figured out what's been bugging my eyes and it's makeup remover! Oily ones. So hmmm, I wonder if this would also?

  5. I've been wanting to try this pretty badly and unwilling to buy just the regular coconut oil from grocery stores. It's a lot more expensive up here though, so I'm waiting to spot a good deal before swooping on it! Your eyes don't get blurry from this when you're removing makeup?

  6. I'm a big fan of coconut oil as a make-up remover, but I do think 18 bucks is on the expensive side. Mine is all natural and organic too and costs around 10 CHF.

  7. That's great that you've found something comparable for less! Even the organic ones I've tried here are nothing like this in texture or scent. Belgian organic must be better! :)

  8. It's really fantastic, and I agree, waiting for a sale is always the way to go! I got mine from during a 20% off sale so I was raising the roof. :) It does sometimes lead to blurry eye action, but as soon as I cleanse and rinse my face with my regular cleanser, it stops. It happens less with this than it does with the dual-phase eye makeup removers I've tried, including Lancome Bi-Facil.

  9. Oh man! Yes, sometimes the oily, dual-phase ones can be really assertive and linger in your eyes. Though this does sometimes get into my eye during more aggressive swirling maneuvers, the "oily eye" thing only lasts through the cleanse/rinse routine with my usual face soap and then it's over. It has never irritated my eyes, and I too have had issues with dual-phase removers in the past. I'm glad you figured out what was causing your eye issues!

  10. LOL! Yes, what I'm telling you is you can buy this at Anthropologie! :) The art director who styles the products on their website does an amazing job. Everything looks so drool-worthy! Thank you! I always find pictorials helpful during step by steps! And yes, the first time I used it as a deo, I felt pretty weird b/c who ever puts OIL in their armpits?! But it was cool! It soaked right in and soothed my angry skin, so it was a win moment, fo sho!
    Much love to you, SE/BBBF/CF1! <3

  11. Thank you, Sunny! I definitely think this is worth a try. Coconut oil in general is amazing for the hair. Stephanie's recipe for a DIY coconut oil hair mask is AMAZING and you will not believe how wonderful your hair feels afterwards. Here's a link to it if you want to try it!

  12. Thanks, Kristen! I'm checking it out now!

  13. I've never tried this but so far, the reviews I read are all positive! Thing is, it's so hot here, the coconut oil might turn into liquid. LOL! I love their 'un'cover up though :-)

  14. HAHAHAHAHA "who ever puts OIL in their armpits".. I die.

  15. You should give coconut oil a try on your face - it really removes makeup well, especially liner and shadows! As long as you follow it with a cleanser, the residue washes away clean. Happy oiling, lol! :)

  16. Oh, it would DEF be in liquid form. It was completely liquid the entire time we were in Puerto Rico! I was so happy I thought to seal it up in a Ziploc bag or else I can only imagine what the inside of my suitcase would have looked like, LOL!

  17. Me too, Michelle! Coconut is such a lovely scent! :)


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