Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (Hannah Swensen Mystery, Book 1) by Joanne Fluke

Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (Hannah Swensen Mystery, Book 1) Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This book was just fun. I really enjoyed the heroine and have already ordered book 2 in the series from! It was corny at times, but in a way that I just thoroughly enjoyed. It left me with a good feeling and a desire to read the whole 'Hannah Swenson' series. I also got cookie crazy whilst reading this book (since it includes recipes mentioned in the storyline) and whipped up several batches of delicious treats - from scratch!

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  1. I am so happy that you read this book and we got to experience the benefits of said book! Put that one on the re-read shelf for sure.

  2. Thanks for the sweet (no pun intended) comment, LaVaughn! I just got the second book in the series, "Strawberry Shortcake Murder", mwah ha ha!


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