Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day o' Awesomeness

Today pretty much kicked ass!

I got a lovely new red wool coat that I am ecstatic over today at lunch! I had been wanting this peacoat at J. Crew for like 26 years, but I finally decided that even though it's on sale, I could probably find something very similar elsewhere for a fraction of the cost - and thanks to Burlington and their fabulous Coat Factory, I have a coat that's even cuter than the expensive one at J. Crew! And it was only $59.99! SWEET TEMPS! I also found a pair of really nice jeans there for $14.99! YAY! Retail high!

I got back to work and was at my desk when our security guard called me and asked me to come up there. She normally says, "Officer So-and-So is here with papers to serve, can you come sign for them?" so this demand that I go up there with no reason given was odd. I asked, "What's going on?" and she goes, "Just get up here!", so I knew it had to be something good! I get up to the front desk and there's a delivery man holding a beautiful vase of red roses and I knew it was the work of Jason Bartholomew! They are lovely flowers and everyone was doing a drive-by to titter at them! Super fun times! The card was really sweet and it meant so much that Jason did that. Thank you, snickerdoodle!! You are the best.

Then I get a call from my mom to let me know that UPS just delivered a package for me. My parents gave me a Kindle 2!!!!! THRILLSVILLE! It just finished charging and IAMSOFREAKINGEXCITED!!!!!! I have already downloaded my first book and am about to raise up and go read on that mug!!! What an awesome gift!! Thank you so much, Mom and Dad! Especially you, Mom, since it was all your idea, lol!

Thank you so much to Jason, Mom, Dad and Burlington Coat Factory, for making my day threefold.

Signing off to go get my read on! KINDLE TIME!!!! Kindle cheers to "Sabre Craig"! :)


  1. OMG, I am so excited for you! What a fun day. Kindle Craig will be soo excited that you have a Kindle too. He loves his so much. Did you get the case too? Craig likes having the case, he didn't get one at first but thinks it makes it just like a book.

    The coat sounds wonderful! You gotta love Burlington! I have a couple yellow rubber rain coats from there that I got for 20 each. I mean they are awesome in a flood and cleaning up after a flood.

    I am so pleased my son is so romantic to send roses! He is a class act. To send them to you at work is perfect cause you have to be tied to a desk so you can enjoy them for 8 hours a day! I mean at home you walk by them once in awhile.

    What book did you upload first?

    Ricky and Wilma celebrated their 15th birthday today -- they were quite pleased with their mercury laden canned tuna fish for a celebration dinner and a round of happy birthday! Cats are not supposed to eat that stuff but hey, they lived to be 15 eating that stuff occasionally. Just like a couple old people they spent their day sleeping mostly.

  2. Well, I went to Burlington today and the stock in our store is very, very low! I only found a couple placements that tickled my fancy. When I checked out I asked them if they were closing. My goodness I have never seen so many empty shelves and stock spread thin. they told me they got cleaned out at xmas and will be restocking soon. Don't know if I believe that.

    Sabre Craig uploaded the Andrew Young book to his kindle for me to read. The Politician is about John Edwards and is interesting -- I have finished 24 percent of it.


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