Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Fritos

Had an above average day at work (in hockey, today I would have been a +2) eventhough it was approximately 30 degrees, rainy and super naps outside. Jason picked up a pizza @ Shorty's (the Janis Joplin pie - thinly sliced green apples and BACON! And cheese, obvs) and we watched Julie & Julia. It was very enjoyable! I plan to attempt J-Child's infamous Boeuf Bourguignon very soon. :) I've got some sugar cookie dough chilling in the fridge that I just hand-crafted and I'm about to go bake the SOB's! Tomorrow I've got to pick up some more butterscotch chips (and butter, of course) so I can make those heart melter cookies again, the Butter-Scotchies! Reminds me of the name of a fake band on Saved By the Bell. Who remembers Hot Sundae? Pure awesomeness. Also, the word "Fritos" - does that not just make you want to chuckle a bit?

So, yes, Kovalchuk was traded to NJD and the verbal beat-downs against him, the ownership and the GM abound. I'm just hoping everyone can shake it off, close up their dumbrellas ("doom umbrellas") and enjoy the remainder of the season. I'm certainly not looking forward to playing the Devils and seeing our old Kaptain in the red and black garb-o-satan, but nothing can come of further complaints and loathing. Isn't acceptance the first step? Who can say what the future holds? All I know is that I'll be there at Blueland, supporting the players I already love and getting acquainted with the newbies, and enjoying some good ol' hockey games. =o)

PS: Happy birthday to my favorite German Streuselkuchen, Thrashers Defenseman Christoph Schubert, who turned 28 today!


  1. Oh my Gosh, sugar cookies in the fridge and I am missing them. Those butterscotch cookies are to die for. We made fast work of them.

    So sorry about the loss of your hockey player. It must be a sad day in ATL with that news.

    Am experiencing back problems due to snow shoveling. Shit!

  2. Ohhh, Ohhh, I forgot about the Julie and Julia movie, awesome, right! Are you going to work up to the duck??? If I had a Julia Childs cookbook, I'd give it to you... for sure.... Did J enjoy the movie? I thought he would as he does love to cook at times...

  3. Thank you! I'm so glad that you enjoyed them! I think the Butter-Scotchies are the BEST ever! I'm not sure about the duck recipe, it looks very advanced! Jason enjoyed the movie, too! I'm sure he'll enjoy me cooking some of that stuff even more!
    The Kovalchuk trade is weird - seeing him suited up for another team is like seeing your ex with another woman the day after you break up! Very odd! The guys we got in the trade have already kicked some ass, so that is certainly super swell!
    I'm sorry about your back and the snow shoveling! I hear there's another round heading in - it's windy and freezing here, so I can only imagine what you guys are getting up there! You need a heating pad for back, ASAP!!
    Love you!


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