Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Classic Novel Themed Survey

Credit to person I stole this from, Clichesss - thanks!

1. Have you ever been around someone that just creeped you out in every way? Yes. People who stare and say nothing. What is the deal with that?
2. Have you ever experienced the death of a close friend? No.
3. When was the last time you communicated to someone in a handwritten letter? Tuesday. I love snail mail.
4. Do you think you could handle working in an asylum for the criminally insane? Ummmmm...hasn't anyone seen 'Halloween'/any horror movie ever? No.
5. Have you ever had a dream that directly connected to something in real life? All the time!

The Lord of the Flies
1. What would you do first after you realized you have just been stranded on an island? Get very angry.
2. Were you ever teased for something trivial as a child? (Like the fact you wear glasses... etc.) Yes, quite often! Not pleasant. But it built character.
3. What would you do if you were forced into the position of a leader? I'd know I was about to get voted off Survivor. The leaders always get dumped off the island early.
4. Describe a time when you were terrified of something, only to discover it was harmless: Bumblebees (carpenter bees) don't sting but I'll still break into a 40 yard dash if one gets up in my grill (by "up in my grill", I mean "comes within a 14 foot radius of my person"). I think they are adorable, yet terrifying.
5. In a survival situation, which would be more important to you: Finding food, or finding rescue? The person I stole this survey from had the greatest answer! I'm leaving it. "Finding food. You can't find rescue, you just have to wait for it to come. You don't just go searching through the forest and be like 'OH HEY! I FOUND RESCUE UNDERNEATH THIS LOG!' No, srryz. It doesn't work that way."

1. Describe a time in which you felt utterly trapped: Only on the elevator at work when you get in there with someone real unpleasant.
2. Have you ever broken a law (or would you ever break a law) if your morals seemed to be more important than that law? If we were in survival mode, sure.
3. If it was really worth it, would you strive for love even if society looked down on it? Yes.
4. Have you ever been in jail? If so, what was it like? No, and I plan to keep on keepin' out!
5. Which seems better?: Being poor but having more freedoms, or having what you need but confined by the law? The latter.

Fahrenheit 451
1. What would you think if books were outlawed? That would be so crazy, it's almost unimaginable! I love books, so if they were being burned in large quantities, I'd be more upset than Big Shooter, Morty, Razor and Frenchie are right now over the Kovalchuk situation over at TBC.
2. Would you give up your right to read books if it meant having better technology? No.
3. Have you ever been chased by the police? If so, what did you do to have this happen? No.
4. Describe a time when you were in trouble for something harmless: Kindergarten - tearing a dollar bill in two so I could give my 2 friends .50 cents. It made perfect sense to me. My teacher, however, flipped her biscuits and sent me to the principal's office and called my mom. Teacher felt I was "defacing and disrespecting the United States of America." My mom was so pissed at those morons, it was awesome. I swear I can still remember her coming to the school, looking at them like they were crackheads and saying, "SHE'S FIVE." You go, mom!
5. In the end of the book, Montag's job is to memorize a book of the Bible so it isn't forgotten. If you had to memorize any novel so it wouldn't be forgotten, what would it be? "The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio" by Terri Ryan.

A Clockwork Orange
1. What is the worst thing you've ever done? I don't know.
2. Have you ever done something terrible because you thought it would make you more "cool"? No.
3. How do you think the government could improve on the way they punish criminals? Not take years to work through the process. I think swift justice would be a lot better. After all, aren't we entitled to a "speedy" trial? Like those ever happen.
4. Describe a time when you were betrayed by people you thought were your friends: No thanks.
5. After being greatly punished for a crime but let go, would you definitely think about reforming your ways? Yes.

Romeo and Juliet
1. Describe a time when your parents restricted you from dating someone: They never did, but there were a few they didn't care for, lol!
2. If you've had a time like the above, did you ignore your parents and date them in secret? n/a
3. What's the farthest you'd go for love? Tucson.
4. What's the most romantic thing someone's ever done for you? Jason has done so many romantic and thoughtful things, it would be hard to say which was the "most".
5. Have your parents ever had a ridiculous fight with your significant other's parents? No.

Of Mice and Men
1. Have you ever stood up for someone that was disabled in any way? Yes.
2. Have you ever experienced any discrimination from anyone because they saw you as different? Ha - yes. Even this wk I had some b.s. to endure b/c this "person" thought I was "too young" to call them out for being an insubordinate turd. Um, more like, "You're too old to be acting like a giant crybaby. We're at work. Do your job." Alas, it's water under the bridge, now that I've had the opportunity to bitch about it. :)
3. If you lived in the Great Depression, do you think your family would be more likely to be well-off or very poor? Wasn't everyone poor back then?!?
4. Have you ever gone around looking for odd jobs in order to make money? Yes.
5. Describe a dream you hope to achieve in life: sampling a turducken.

Franny and Zooey
1. Have you ever thought you were having a nervous breakdown? Or have you ever had one? No.
2. Are you sure of where you stand spiritually? Or is it kind of muddled for you? umm...too deep for me to dig at 11:29 on a Wednesday night.
3. Do you have a large family? No.
4. Describe a time when you gave valuable advice to your brother or sister: n/a
5. Have you ever dated someone who was bad for you? You don't get to be my age (ha!) without dating a few dingbats.


  1. This was truly entertaining! I did though love how your Mom went to school to get her terrorist 5 year old. OMG, sounds like you went to school in the dark ages. I thought it was cute how you tore the dollar bill in half to share with friends! I can visualize your Mom's face saying, "she is 5."

  2. LOL - thanks for reading this long @ss thing! I think you are the only one who did! My mom was so mad that day; it was awesome!


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