Friday, April 9, 2010

papaya dippers

I’m having a great week! I gave blood today at the blood drive here; it’s my first time since 7/07! I got deferred for a year after having my ear pierced and then when I was eligible again, I was just scared. I mean no one likes needles, but I just had several experiences of nearly passing out and got skittish about the whole process. Anyway, I decided to donate today and it went perfectly! I am wearing my red cross sticker proudly! I feel really good!

Tomorrow is the last Thrashers game of the season and we’re having some of our hockey BFF's over for a cook out and I’m pumped! I’ll be whipping up my best cookies, they involve butterscotch chips and are really freaking tasty! J-Swayze will be manning the grill like the jukebox hero that he is! Then we’re all going to head down to Philips Arena for the final game of the 09-10 season! I love the final game b/c they do the jersey exchange thing. They do a season ticket holder lottery and those that win get to go out on the ice post-game. The players doff their game-worn jerseys and give them to the lucky season ticket holders! It's just a really cool thing to see! Afterward, we’re going to see David's band Roman Photos play!

Cheersies! Woohoo! TGIF!

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  1. Now tell me, did you guys get a jersey?

    Congrats on giving blood. I have not given any due to being on thyroid meds, they don't want my blood, but my Dad gave a gallon in his lifetime.

    How was the bar ge que? Fun??? Have a great week. LaVida


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