Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunroom Makeover

Our sunroom has served many purposes since we moved in last November. It's been the only room that could accomodate Jason's beloved (and massive) chair, "Rusty". It's been the room where we set up our first Christmas tree together. It was used as a sitting/reading room for a bit and then finally, an office. I LOVE this room, it is my favorite place to be in our entire apartment! The windows let in so much natural light and give the room a very open and inviting feel. We decided to punch it up with a cheerful coral paint color and add some much needed pizzaz. I really love the way it turned out and now I spend even more time relaxing with a book in this little room!

Below is a pictoral journey through the many 'hats' this room has worn in just a few short months! Click on images to enlarge.


  1. A phat sunroom, to be sure! Very pleasant place to be.

    The wii-playing folk look sinister.

  2. LOVE it! Now, you just need a puppy dog to curl up in the papzan (dont know the spelling) but ace does in ours!

  3. Love, love it. I love the whole presentation. How do you write on the pictures? Way to cool. In fact I went to the shack today looking for such camera where you could write on the pics but the guy could not find the ad sent to me via web. But I printed the ad out and when my jaw heals I am off to see my pal Dennis.

    The color is gorgeous, so bold and bright! It sure does work. Love, laVida

  4. It is GORGEOUS! As always, your decorative flair makes me green with envy. Can we go back in time and have you pick my high school wardrobe? I'd have had so many more friends.

  5. Looks REALLY great with that color! The coral goes so well with the white desk/shelf -- you did a great job! I also love that room in your apartment!


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