Wednesday, March 9, 2011

REVIEW! | Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

Hmmm. Although this is being touted as the second coming of Liberace, I just wasn't impressed. On one hand, it does an excellent job of exfoliating dead skin cells from your lips. On the other, the emollients left behind, even after a heavy rinsing session with a WASH CLOTH, make your lips feel greasy in the worst way. The I-just-had-Captain-D's-for-lunch-and-they-were-all-out-of-napkins kind of way. Every time I've used this, I've ended up applying a gentle facial cleanser to my mouth shortly after use because I can't stand the greasy bonanza that continues to party on my lips long after I've sloughed, rinsed, and wash clothed. According to the Fresh website, they advise you to leave the polish on for 5 minutes before rinsing with warm water. 5 MINUTES? The bitter taste of this scrub would preclude me from leaving it on anywhere near that long. No other lip exfoliant that I've read the product instructions for has advised you to leave it on for any length of time. This product is basically sugar and numerous oils. You could make your own with sugar and any variety of oil you have on-hand and it would taste much better! I read a review of this product in a magazine and the article's author claimed to eat the sugar scrub off her lips - no warm water rinse needed - and she said she enjoyed using it at her desk. I don't see how this is possible as the minute any of it gets into my mouth, I'm lunging for the sink basin to remove it.

Bottom line: This is overpriced ($22.50), like most Fresh products, and while it works well for exfoliating your lips, it doesn't taste good and leaves behind an oily residue that has to be washed off with soap and water. The best lip exfoliant I've come across is available to anyone in possession of honey and sugar. Dab honey on your lips and then follow with sugar. Rub the sugar gently across your lips and rinse with warm water. Voila - amazingly smooth lips (perfect prep before using a lipstick or lip stain, or just for removing any dry skin) with no residue. For free! :D

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