Tuesday, March 22, 2011

REVIEW! | Origins Sensory Therapy Peace of Mind

Overall score: 5 out of 5 jazz hands

Spring is upon us, and as an allergy sufferer I thought I'd share one of the products that brings me a little relief during the pollen dust bowl daze. Origins Sensory Therapy Peace of Mind is an essential oil-laden lotion that is to be massaged into the back of your neck, temples and earlobes. It will open you right up so remember - a little dab will do ya! Also, they aren't clowning when they say "Avoid eye area". You do not want to get this in your eyes. I speak from experience and that's all I will say about that, LOL!

I recieved the Origins order containing this magical little lotion it at work on a particularly stressful day, so I sampled it immediately. I was amazed by how quickly it cleared up the tension headache I had (in minutes, people!) and I felt a bit more relaxed. My hilarious co-worker Jason tried it and was pleasantly surprised that it felt a little like a massage every time air would pass over his neck where he'd applied it. I believe it contains peppermint oil, which is what gives you that instant cool feeling and helps open up your sinuses. Unfortunately, I don't know for sure since Origins doesn't list the ingredients on their website (Why?????) and I no longer have the box the product came in. If you have any sensitivity to essential oils, I would definitely steer clear of this. However, if you don't have sensitivities but you DO have tension headaches, this product could certainly be a big help to you!

The packaging is great because the plastic ring prevents it from spilling out into your purse (or man satchel) and the bottle is small enough (approximately 2" tall by 1' wide) to tuck easily away in a desk drawer or night stand.

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