Saturday, March 5, 2011

REVIEW! | Prescriptives Lip Specialist

According to Prescriptives, this balm "Instantly reverses dryness, flaking and chapping. The super emollient and natural ingredients in Lip Specialist Triple Action Therapy deep condition the lips. Botanicals plump lips and even out lip tone for a healthy, rosy finish." This is a fantastic, non-sticky yet not-too-slick lip balm. Much like Baby Bear's bed in Goldilocks, this balm is just right! For years, my usual go-to balm has been Aquaphor, but this may just replace it! It has a very light minty scent that disappears completely after it's applied and it's color-less, so it's a great buy for both men and ladies. It's flavor-free, which I appreciate because it doesn't tempt you to lick it off and cause habitual reapplication. I have no idea what they are talking about with regard to it having "plumping effects" - there isn't any creepy cinnamon oil in it and your lips don't experience that awful tingling usually associated with plumping agents. I think they mean your lips will be nice and well-conditioned and appear "plump" and healthy. Even Paula Begoun, the Cosmetics Cop, gave this balm the nod on Oprah!

The only negative things I can think to say about it is that it costs $16.00 and comes in a pot. The good thing about the packaging is it's a screw-cap lid, so you can easily gain entry. I really don't like lip pots that just press on because they can be hard to pry open, especially after one has just lotionized. The $16.00 price tag is a little high based on the fact that you could acquire a gargantuan tub of Aquaphor for half the cost, but aren't smooth, happy lips worth their weight in gold? :)

Want one for yourself? Get yours at the Prescriptives site here.

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