Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Total Waste of Makeup by Kim Gruenenfelder

A Total Waste of Makeup (Charlize Edwards, #1)A Total Waste of Makeup by Kim Gruenenfelder

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My mom read and enjoyed this and recommended it to me and I'm so glad she did! It was so much fun to read! I thought the writing was outstanding. The characters were all well-developed to the point where I had a great mental picture of each of them, and I genuinely enjoyed not only heroine Charlie Edwards, but also her superstar-with-a-heart celebrity boss, girl friends and nutty family. The plot was a lot of fun and I thought the author managed to keep things exciting and un-cliched. I kept thinking the book read like a good movie; the characters were so complete and real, and the drama and humor were so well paced. I happened to read the author's acknowledgements and she thanks her film agent for encouraging her to take time off from writing screenplays to write this novel! I really wish I had read this book when I was single and encountering one assclown after the next, meanwhile all of my friends were getting engaged and married. I felt like I would never find the right person and I'd somehow angered the love gods and they were personally dumping on me for thrills. This book illustrates exactly how it feels to be in that situation; the novel is filled with hilarious tidbits, comforting advice and a good message that it {AKA your love life} will work out when the time is right. I will definitely be reading "Misery Loves Cabernet"!

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