Friday, June 3, 2011

We'll always have Philips...

I've been waiting to post my thoughts about the loss of the Thrashers until I could organize them a little better. I honestly never thought the city of Atlanta could lose it's second NHL franchise to Canada. I don't think non-hockey fans realize how heartbreaking the reality is of our hometown team being sold and relocated. It leaves you feeling completely jarred.

My good friend Bill Tiller AKA Rawhide, Thrashers fan blogger for the AJC, posted an excellent final article asking fans to post their favorite memories. I've copied and pasted my comment below because I wanted to share my feelings with anyone who reads my blog. Sidenote: "Smoothie" is Jason's handle on Bill's blog.

Thank you for this wonderful blog, Bill; you’ve always been so much fun and such a dedicated blogger. Getting to know you, and having the opportunity to meet your family, has been one of the best things this team has brought to me. Reading everyone’s favorite memories has been both enjoyable and bittersweet. I have so many favorite memories of this team. Cheating at Black Jack with Marty “The Party” Reasoner at Casino Night. Meeting my favorite player, Bryan Little, and having him turn out to be just so absurdly kind. The sense of camaraderie among us Thrashers fans. The thrill of jumping up to high-five and sing along to Song 2 whenever a goal was scored by one of our boys in blue. Meeting other fans at games, CNN Center, tailgates, and draft parties. A puck Shea Weber flipped out of play landing smack-dab in Smoothie’s lap at the last Nashville game we attended. Yukking it up with The Blueland Chronicle and Wild Bill Tiller in Section 317. Seeing the young talent at Prospect Camp. Christophe Schubert telling a security guard to step aside to let us into the VIP area at Casino Night. Submitting the “What kind of sandwich would you be?” question to Ask A Thrasher and cracking up when it was asked to every player thereafter. Smoothie’s hysterical Thrashers rap. Running into XLB dining with his family at Feast in Decatur on my second date with Smoothie. Commiserating with “tweeps” on Twitter during heart-stopping 3rd period rallies. Bringing people to their first hockey game and watching them experience the fun and excitement. Cheering for the Kiss Cam Couple at every game I attended. Kane’s KO of Cooke (legendary).

Thank you to Smoothie for awakening my love for hockey, and for being a willing partner in such lunacy as “lucky moose socks” and wearing fluorescent yellow stuffed crabs from IKEA around our necks in support of Joey Crabb. I fell for the Thrashers at the same time I fell for you, and this team will always be extraordinarily special to me for that reason.

Thank you ALL for enhancing the Thrashers experience. I will leave you now with a few lines from Smoothie’s *hit* rap song, “Yo, Check the Thrashers” (surely coming soon to iTunes):

“He’s not very tall but he’ll burn ya with speed, good luck trying to catch this dope sly Swede! Even if ya do he’ll make the right read, cuz Toby is a doctor of sick-ass feeds!

Comin’ down the tracks with a train of pain, numba 9’s on a mission so u ‘memba his name

The name’s Evandah just like The Champ, so don’t ya complain when he lights ya’ lamp!

Yo check da’ Thrashers, a playoff real deal, Pevs droppin’ pills like a waiver wire bank steal

Slates racin’ down da ice like a greasy frittata, he’ll work u in da corner like a dirty lambada!

Wee Freddy P likes to rock da wok, but get him on the ice and he’ll make u lose ya jock!

Todd Whitey White don’t need no Garmin, he gets to da crease to deposit the Charmin!”

Atlanta Thrashers
1999 - 2011


  1. Aww that makes me want to cry for you and I don't really have any feelings on the matter. I am so sorry you lost one of your loves. I have a pouty face... you just can't see it...

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  3. Thank you, Tori! The real hard time I believe will be this October when they play their first season as another city's "home team". I can't even think about it right now!


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