Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

Our tree and the Comcast Yule Log in full force!
Christmas was really fantastic this year!  Aside from both my mom and I having the flu, we all really celebrated the season in the best way - together.  Jason's folks drove in from NC and stayed with us.  Jason's dad, a semi-retired Lutheran minister, baptized me on Christmas day.  I studied the Apostle's Creed he gave me the last time we visited them in NC and was so proud of myself for having it down-pat when we all said it together as a group when I was baptized.  It was a great feeling, even though I got sweaty and nervous (swervous?) which I tend to do whenever the focus of something is on me.  Unlike TuPac, I don't bask in "All Eyez on Me"!  I am so happy Pastor Craig baptized me; it's a nice prequel to when he marries us in April 2014.  Not many people can say their father in law presided over their wedding ceremony, and I for one am very excited to have him perform the service!

Christmas was a lot of fun, we all got together and enjoyed homemade food, Honey Baked Ham (ye-yeahhhh!), and Southern Comfort brand Eggnog.  I don't think I have ever drank that much eggnog in my life, even though I love it and could drink it year-round.  Thankfully it's a seasonal beverage or I would have a real problem on my hands.

My amazing mom gave me the Hayworth vanity table from Pier 1 I'd been mooning over for a year.  It's so gorgeous!  Then, Jason and his parents got in on the thoughtful surprise by completing the set with the matching mirror and seat!  I couldn't believe it when I saw the whole set sitting there in the second bedroom.  It is so beautiful and I couldn't help but sneak off just to look at it during Christmas.  I have some really incredible people in my life and I am so thankful for them.

I know soon we will have to un-decorate the house and put up all of the fun Christmas decor, but we're going to leave it up awhile longer.  To me, there's something so warm and comforting about having a Christmas tree lighting up a room.  Since we got a real tree this year for the living room, I put up the artificial tree my parents gave me years ago in our bedroom.  I loved having it in there; it made me feel ritzy!  It gave the bedroom the nicest golden glow.  Every time I went in there, I thought to myself "Ah!  Sooo groovy."  Which reminds me, I caught part of "A Very Brady Christmas" on TV and it was hysterical!  It was filmed in the late 80's and the guys all sported amazing power mustaches and every room was drenched in pastel pink.

I felt like we really celebrated this year; we got a real tree, we listened to Christmas tunes, we drank eggnog until we were yellow in the face, Jason and I went to see the Gwinnett Ballet Theatre's production of The Nutcracker, my mom and I braved Lenox Square Mall the weekend before Christmas, and we had our parents with us on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  It was fabulous and I am so happy to have such fun memories to look back on for years to come.

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