Friday, April 5, 2013

FAVORITES! | March 2013

Here are my March favorites!

Selsun Blue Itchy Dry Scalp, $8.99, has been a godsend for me this winter!  How can one’s scalp by oily and flaky, I ask?  It’s a cruel joke, really.  This shampoo gets my hair nice and clean without drying my scalp out to Sahara-levels. 

OPI…Eurso Euro, $9.00, is a vibrant cobalt blue that looks almost blue-violet in direct sunlight.  It’s such a gorgeous color, and this polish wore extremely well on me: six days!  Review and swatches here.

Tangle Teezer, $9.99, is AWESOME.  It really gets through the snags and knots without pain or broken hair.  My hair gets really tangled after washing, and this brush gets through the knotted morass in half the time as my regular paddle brush.  I also love the bright pink color!

Blistex Moisture Melt, $2.49, has become the balm that has to be with me at all times!  The clear, satin-finish balm contains tiny spheres of shea butter and aloe that immediately melt into your lips, leaving them feeling conditioned and very happy.  

MUA | Makeup Academy Undressed palette£3.00 (about $4.61 USD), is incredible!  Full review of Undressed and Undress Me Too palettes here!  This palette is a legendary dupe for Urban Decay's Naked Palette, and I can see why.  The shadows are creamy, pigmented, and long-lasting.  I meant to order Undress Me Too, but ordered this one instead.  It must have been one of those Bob Ross "happy accidents" because I LOVE this palette and have used it every single day since it arrived (via Royal Air Mail - so cool!).  For those who don't live in the UK and have easy access to the brand at Superdrug, MUA ships internationally.  :)


  1. My daughter LOVES that tangle teeezer too! Works really well for her!
    Need to look for that lip balm as it sounds great!

    1. Tracy, the Blistex balm RULES! You need that in your life! :) I can't believe how well the Tangle Teezer works! It's a savior for us folks with snaggy, grabby hair!


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