Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Quick Fix: Emergency Pedicure Rescue!

We've all been there.  You're almost ready to head out the door and you're wearing your favorite outfit: the one best completed with those cute open toe shoes you've been waiting all winter to wear!  Only there's a slight problem: your toes are in no shape to been seen in public.  Your polish is chipped and you've got dry skin.  There's no need to eschew your plan to sport that pair of espadrilles, wedges, or peep-toes!  All you need is a few minutes and the following supplies:

✩ Polish color as close to the one currently on your toes (it doesn't need to be a quick drying polish - any polish formula works!)
✩ A quick drying top coat
✩ Oil (it can be any oil, even something you have in your kitchen pantry like canola oil works great!)
✩ Q-tips

1.) Paint over any chipped areas with a polish that's most similar to the one already on your toes.  This is a good reason to take your own polish with you when you get a pedicure: you'll have it if you need to do any touch-ups!  If the color on the nails you touched up looks too different from the rest of your toes, do a quick thin coat with the touch-up color on all of your nails.

2.) After about a minute, paint over your touched-up nails with a quick dry top coat.

3.) Give the top coat about a minute to set, and then grab a Q-tip and your oil of choice.  Apply a tiny drop of oil (about the same as one drop's worth of Visine) to a Q-tip and run it over dry areas such as around the nail beds and on the end of your toes.  If you only use a drop, it will moisturize the dry areas without getting too oily.  Say goodbye to bits of dry white skin!

4.) Step into your toe-showing shoes and you're ready to head out!


  1. Interesting post!

  2. Great tips! My toes haven't seen the light of day since August LOL. And by the looks of the weather they won't see any again until June!

    1. OMG! I don't know how you do it! Although I guess the Canadian weather cuts down the cost of pedicures! ;)

  3. Seriously?? My Josie Maran oil can be used for this?? I had no idea! Great great mani/pedi tips!!


    1. Thanks, Jennifer! Josie Maran Argan Oil is the bomb - so many great uses!


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