Saturday, April 6, 2013

TAG! | The Shopaholic Tag

The lovely Justine at Beauty in the Breakdown posted this tag and since I have a thing for surveys, I've decided to do it!  

1) Would you consider yourself a shopaholic? Only with makeup and beauty products.  I don't go ransacking Bloomingdales for the latest and greatest in shoes, clothing, and handbags, so I wouldn't claim true Sophie-Kinsella-novel-worthy Shopaholic status.

 2) How would you classify your style? Oh dear...?  I don't know that I have a style!  I wear Express pants and a variety of tops to work and on weekends I'm all about casual comfort.  Work would go from "pretty awesome" to "AMAZEBALLS" if yoga pants were accepted business casual attire.

 3) What store can you not leave without buying at least one thing? CVS.  I love CVS.  I know the clerks by name, and it's SO convenient to our house.  It's literally located right between my home and my job and is the easiest parking lot to get out of (this factors in BIG TIME during rush hour traffic in Atlanta).

 4) Where do you find the best deals?  Beauty-wise, Sephora's VIB program is pretty good.  I also sign up at my favorite brands' websites and have gotten some awesome deals that way.  For everything else, I always scour the internet for deals and discounts.  Retail Me Not can be a big help for internet shopping.  Oh!  The last time I went to JCPenney, I couldn't believe the great prices and adorable clothes and bags!  If you have one nearby, check them out!

5) What designer are you willing to splurge on? I've bought Coach bags at the Outlet site, and they have always been extremely well-made.  My Coach wallet is probably my favorite thing and it gets softer and better the more I carry it.  If I won the lottery, I'd love to own a beautiful Marchesa or Christian Siriano dress.  They make magical gowns!

6) Do you have a go-to shopping outfit? Shirt, yoga pants, and flip flops, because it makes for easy changing.

7) What is your guilty pleasure (not including makeup)? Relaxing with a mag and a bottle of root beer in pajamas, but I'm not sure it counts because I don't feel guilty about it! :)

8) What is one staple clothing piece that you could not live without? It used to be jeans, but ever since I found yoga pants, life has changed.  New levels of comfort have been reached!

 9) What is a trend you hope never goes out of style? Bootcut jeans!  Actually, I think they are currently out of style, but to me, they are classic.  They elongate your legs, make you look taller, and give you an overall leaner look.

10) What trend passed by too quickly? I seriously can only think of trends that haven't passed quickly enough: high-waisted pants (there's no way that's comfortable?!), skinny jeans (for me, these are only kosher dills with tall boots unless you are a Victoria's Secret Angel with tiny legs for daaaays but I know I'm in the minority!), sporting mega cleavage (including sideboob), etc.

11) Who is your fashion icon? "Olivia Pope" from Scandal.  I want everything in her closet!  Perfectly tailored jackets, beautiful trench coats, wide leg trousers, fabulous shoes!  She always looks luxe and every piece she wears is sophisticated, pretty, and polished.

Work it, Kerry!

Feel free to do this tag!  Leave me a link to your post or leave me a comment with your answers!  I love reading your responses.  :)


  1. I'm so glad you did the tag! I love yoga pants as well! I have a long pair that I can get away with at work if I wear a longer shirt. Scandal is one of my favorite shows right now, and her style is amazing! She's just beautiful in general though!

    1. I'm glad you like Scandal, too! It's such a fast-paced, crazy show, and 'Olivia's' style is amazing! I agree - she is just simply a beautiful woman, for sure! Thanks for posting the tag! PS: Yoga pants 4-ever! ;)

  2. Cool tag! I have NO style at all since I'm at home now haha! I mainly wear leggings and yoga pants too, but I still LOVE jeans.
    My one weakness is SHOES and boots too. Not high heels though-can't really stand them!

    1. Oh yes, leggings are another favorite in the bag of tricks (trick pants?)! SO comfy! I still yearn for a pair of flat riding boots, myself!


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