Sunday, June 14, 2015

Review! | Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

As most of you know, I just turned 35.  Hydrating the skin is only going to get me so far, and I decided a few months ago to start looking for a retinoid product that wouldn't destroy my skin but would still give me the wrinkle-fighting, skin smoothing results I wanted.  After much research, and coinciding with the Sephora VIB sale, I picked up the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil.  After 6 weeks of use, I have nothing but raves!   
How many times have you tried, and subsequently given up on, a retinol product because it dried out your skin, made it peel, or caused redness and burning?  If you're sick of riding the retinol rollercoaster, you should take a chance on LunaLuna is a genius product; it's a retinol ester OIL.  So while the retinol ester is penetrating your skin, working it's magic to reduce fine lines, dark spots, and large pores, the cold pressed chia, avocado, and concord grape seed oils hydrate your skin and keep the retinol from aggravating it.  
Luna is a blueish green oil that disappears into the skin.  It soaks in beautifully, and I don't wake up with an oil slick on my face.  This stuff is pretty amazing.  I've been using it for about 6 weeks and my skin is smooth and bright, and looks better than ever before.  I've noticed a reduction in dark spots and fine lines around my eyes and mouth.  All this without any of the usual skin reactions I've experienced in the past with retinol products (redness, burning, itching, peeling, flaking).  
It's pricey but after seeing the results, Luna is worth every penny.  The bottle is HUGE.  I've used 6 drops each night (3-4 drops on my face and 2 drops on my neck) for 6 weeks and I've hardly made a dent.  I think the bottle will last me 9-12 months!  I've never been happier with an anti-aging skincare product.

Have you tried Luna, or anything else from Sunday Riley?  Have you used a retinol product before?
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