Thursday, August 6, 2015

Loves & Lemons | July 2015

What is Loves & Lemons?  A compilation of the best - and worst - products that I encountered during the previous month.  Read on to see what I loved and what didn't quite measure up!  Be sure to share your loves and lemons in the comments below!  July was a lemon-free month! :)

It Cosmetics Tightline Full Lash Length Black Mascara Primer | Review
This ultra skinny spiral brush is a godsend for anyone with skimpy lashes!  It allows you to start at the roots (without banging into the lid) and grabs every lash for a much lusher, well-defined look.
L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Bronzed Taupe
This color.  It just goes with anything.  Is it gold?  Is it brown?  Is it taupe?  YES, it's all of the above!  I've been blending it out with Peanut Butter from the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette to add a little depth.  I am so impressed with the texture and pigmentation of these Infallible shadows.  I've had Bronzed Taupe for a long time and it just suits every season and occasion.  I think of it as the eyeshadow version of the perfect pair of jeans.
MAC Lustre Lipstick in Jubilee
I have to give a shout out to Hannah / Gold Glitter Diaries for her post about Jubilee.  She reminded me to pull it out of my stash and it's been true love ever since.  I tossed it into my purse in late June and that's where it has stayed!  It goes with everything from minimal makeup to full-on glam.  On me, Jubilee is a luminous beige pink.  The lustre finish allows some of my natural lip color to peek through and never requires a mirror.

Renpure Originals Argan Oil Luxurious Shampoo & Conditioner
Another Gold Glitter Diaries recommendation!  This shampoo gives my fine hair lift, doesn't irritate my scalp, and smells incredible.  The conditioner is wonderful, too, as it has the same huff-worthy scent and doesn't weigh my hair down.

St. Ives Nourished & Smooth Oatmeal Scrub + Mask
I love St. Ives scrubs.  Not only do they not contain environmentally ravaging microbeads (I'm looking at you, former fave Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream), they also have a handy dandy exfoliation factor scale on the back of each tube to help you determine if the scrub is gentle, moderate, or deep.  THANK YOU! I wish all companies would include such a scale.  This Oatmeal Scrub + Mask is considered a gentle exfoliator; the walnut shell powder is super fine and exfoliates like a dream.  The oat extract and honey leave my skin soft and balanced.  I love using this as a mask (leave it on for 5-7 minutes, dampen and gently massage, rinse with water) or as a quick in-shower exfoliator for my face and body.  Priced at under $5 USD, it's a total drugstore hero.
What were your July Loves & Lemons?

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