Sunday, January 10, 2010

Casino Night Rocked All Hell Fires

Don & Betty Draper! Ok, no - it's just us.

Line up, fools!

Marty Reasoner = BEST black jack dealer OF ALL-TIME. I "won" $80K. First time playing black jack. I love this guy.

This photo taken right before Marty broke out dancing to...wait for it..."Pump Up the Jam" by Technotronic. Katie Reasoner was appalled. It ruled.

Pavel Kubina, the Czech sweetums. A total peach.

Rich Peverley, Jason and #1 draft pick Evander Kane (we chatted with his papa! Super nice man)! Also...Jason called Rich Peverley "Ricky", and he responded by coming right over! Jason then told Pevs all about The Blueland Chronicle's epic matinee featuring him. He wasn't even horrified! :)

Nobody loves photo ops more than the dope, slick Swede, Tobias Enstromboli!

Christophe Schubert - you are THE MAN. Without this man's help, we would have been screwed out of meeting Bryan Little because he was in the VIP section! Schubert told the dude guarding the stairs to the VIP section to step up off us and sent us up there, in search of B-Litts! It was awesome! We ended up seeing Schubie approximetly 347 times and exchanged several warm embraces. Jason goes, "Oh man...this guy again?" after the 24th time we bumped into him! Schubert is great. Fave German ever.

To summarize...AMAZING!!!! What a sweetums. Love me some Bryan Little! It was so AWESOME finally meeting my favorite Thrasher, #10. Thanks to the help of Christophe Schubert for getting us into the VIP area and then to Toby Enstrom for literally going and "getting" B-Litts for us (we asked him and he delivered!); thus making Casino Night '10 one of the most fun nights of the year! Also, please note the "twin peaks" aka matching widow's peaks. Mmmmhhmmmmm.

Y'all are not going to believe this but this photo was taken while J-Timberlake's "SexyBack" AKA Ron Hainsey's theme song was playing! Jason told him he ought to shave more often and he got all bashful!

Hangin' with Mr. Ondrej Pavelec! Super nice dude who was exchanging eastern block language shitz with Boris Valabik. I asked the 2 of them if either had a shirt that said "Czech Yourself before You Wreck Yourself". Neither did. I told them that was ill advised. They pretty much both looked at each other like, "WTF"?

Mark Popovic! I love this guy. A couple wks ago I called into the Thrashers post game show on AM 680 the Fan when Pops was the guest. I told him he had a great voice for radio (b/c he did!) and he seemed flattered. Ok so when we saw him tonight, I asked if he remembered someone calling in and mentioning his possible side career as a radio dj and he was like, "That was you!?" and was super nice times. He was fabulous.

Good ol' Boultsy. He was totally manly.

Marisa, Anssi Salmela et moi - interesting story with this dude. Tell ya later.

Ok, so when we first got there, I realized that we left the freaking camera's memory card plugged into my laptop. AWESOOMMMMEEE. Luckily my camera's memory (sans card) allowed for 16 photos - so we had to be choosy, unfortunately, about what pictures we took. Anywho, as we were leaving, Zach Bogosian's strollin' through and I'm like YEAH!!! BOGO!!! So I ask him for a pic, he says sure and then, as Jason's prepping to take the photo, I tell Zachary that we only have 2 pictures left, make it count and "sell the pancakes". He SOLD the mf-ers! :)

OMG, this dude was hysterical. Jimmy Slater. As we're about to take this pic, Jason tells him that we refer to him as "Jimmy Scandalous", to which he replies, "I'm scandalous!" and poses like there's no tomorrow. Then as we're leaving, Jason elbows him in the sternum b/c he's right behind us in the coat check line and as Jason apologizes, Jimmy goes, "Hey! I've had worse!" and then precedes to cut in front of EVERONE in line at coat check! The next time you see this guy he's skiffering through the crowd, coat in hand, giving people peace signs as he slides scandalously through the door. He was seriously GOOD TIMES. Very energetic and humorous dude!


  1. Amazing, simply amazing. I'm so glad the Drapers could make it to Casino Night.

    Marty Reasoner dancing to "Pump Up the Jam" is something I can get behind.

    This can only mean one thing: the "Drapers" and TBC Staff take a trip to Las Vegas, with Marty Reasoner and Ron Hainsey and Ricky Pevs, and act out "Ten Gallon Dick" in real life. Seriously, Vegas.

  2. Morty, you know what will happen if I go to Vegas again. Someone will have to be on blackjack patrol. I literally have to be pulled away from the table. Vegas = Uber-fun.

    Ms K-Belle - Marvelous pictures. Looks like you guys had a blast. I would suspect the team kept Kovy hidden due to fans asking none stop about the contract situation. A few years ago when I went, I don't recall a VIP section, but then again I don't recall a lot of stuff from a few years ago. Regardless, looks like a swell time was had by all. Cheers!

  3. Great pictures! I'm glad you got to go and see Little. I was wondering why he was up there. What was up with the VIP thing? Coach won't scratch him so he banished him up there? lol I'm so disappointed, I didn't see Kubina ALL night! I would have been happy to take some pictures of you guys if I had been around when needed.
    BTW, you can see you and your husband in the video at Marty's table.

  4. HA! Thanks, Sunshine! The fact that we are on the video is CRAZY!!!! All thanks to Marty Party's general sense of awesomeness. I don't get why B-Litts was VIP either! WTH? He's not Kovy, ya know?! That was odd. When I told him that the only reason we were allowed up there was b/c Schubert escorted us in, Bryan was like, "What? You couldn't just walk right up here?" and I was like, "Hell no! We're not VIP's!" Man, that was so much fun! Thanks to your pictures from last year for inspiring us to go, btw!! =o) Oh and ps: Jason is not my husband - I don't even know that guy! ;-) We're not married, though. I'm afraid his heart is currently torn between two bromances; one with the effervescent Marty Reasoner and the other, the magnanomously chivalrous chap known in bloglandia as "Big Shooter". <3

  5. Great pics. Hainsey actually LOOKS like a Vegas dealer. Poor Kane and Peverley. Everyone else got their picture with the beautiful K-Belle. They got the Speaker. Although I don't blame Mr. Speaker. I wouldn't want my girl in between two guys named Kane and Ten Gallon Dick either. Salmella looks kinda scary.

  6. AMAZING.! You guys are so in the inner circle! Loved the pics and the video clip, most especially when Jason claims Marty to be "brutal" with his dealings! loved it!

  7. Great fun to see the pics of Casino night and the video clip on your Mom's blog page. You looked stunning in your new frock! It was funny seeing hockey players be the dealers and what not. I do so love a good game of Blackjack myself and the fund raising environment would take the guilt away from's for charity so hit me again. Thanks for posting.

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  9. hahah these pictures are great, anssi looks scary what it his interesting story ha


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