Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vamp Quizzes

In honor of the fact that I'm almost finished reading "Breaking Dawn", book 4 of the Twilight saga, here are some vamp quizzes to enjoy!

Twilight Quiz

You Are Sam

You are a bit of a mystery - both to others and even yourself. You're still coming to grips with who you are. There are parts of yourself that you still need to accept. You are a caring and protective person. You can't help but be concerned about the people you love. You are a bit of a loner. You are still searching for deep and meaningful connections in life.

You Are Angel

You have a pretty dark past, but you've changed your ways... and possibly not by choice. These days, you try to do your best to be a good person. You have a sore spot for anyone who hurts anyone else. You are a true romantic, but you can't be with the person you truly love. And you are completely torn up about it. At your core, you're a loner. You are light-hearted and funny, but deep down you're really quite tormented.

Yay! Seeley Booth! I mean..."Angel"...


  1. I only took the True Blood quiz because that's the only modern vamp saga I know well. Turns out I'm Bill!

    From now on I'm going to go around barking "SOOKAY!"

  2. Heck, I know all you younguns are involved with the vampire series. I feel so old and out of touch -- but last night I did watch Glee to try in get in step! Do you watch Glee? Loved the sign post!

  3. Morty - you're way more fun than Bill Compton! SOOKAY, indeed!

    LaVida - I don't watch Glee but lots of co-workers do and rave about it. Might have to give it a shot! I thought the Twilight books would be totally silly and juvenile (they are Young Adult books, after all) but they are very enjoyable reads. =o)



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