Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kov-echkin & Casino Night

I'm very excited about this hockey-centric weekend! Tonight we are heading to the game (ATL v WSH) and I get to meet my friend Jenn's younger brother and see our buddies from TBC and hopefully Wild Billy Tilly. Tomorrow night is the much-anticipated Casino Night. My dress is a really pretty little number that Jason gave me for Christmas (pic below - only I got a navy blue one, pardon me "maritime blue") and I'm excited to see Jason all suited up! Had I known the event would take place in the midst of 18 degree weather, however, I probably would have purchased something lined with wool, or furs from the high plains. And snow boots. However, I plan to locate some tights or a thermal union suit to increase the warmth factor of my evening gown. I'm so excited to meet all of the players that we haven't already met (thanks to numerous Thrashers post-game shows @ Taco Mac), especially my favorite Little guy, Bryan! Maybe I can just wear my jersey over my dress and get the rest of the teams' signatures? :)
I'll look exactly like Marisa Miller here, only in
blue and minus the Mondo Super Vixon Uplifter Brazier 3000!

Hey Little Little, you're the peanut brittle!
Your hard work rules and your sideburns got whittled!

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