Friday, May 27, 2011

A Peek in the Medicine Cabinet of...Miss Kaotic from Perfectly Kaotic!

1. Name: Miss Kaotic of Perfectly Kaotic
2. Age: 29 (ugh)
3. What is your skin type? Fair and oily (double ugh)
4. What color are your eyes? Blue or green, depends on the day
5. What color is your hair? Dark brown, never dyed.
6. Describe your everyday look in a few words. Business casual - hair usually up in a twisty or pony; long and straight when I have time to dry it.
7. Where do you live? Jacksonville, FL
8. What aspect of where you live effects your hair, skin care and/or make up? Humidity, heat, sun, and oh yeah - humidity.
9. What do you do for a living? Interior designer
10. If you could design your dream job, what would it be? Interior designer - just with a different company.
11. What would you change about your appearance? Shed a few lbs.
12. What do you like most about your appearance? Umm?...I have nice feet.
13. What do you to when you want to indulge? Hands (and feet!) down - a massage and/or mani & pedi is my favorite indulgence of all time.
14. What was the first fragrance you ever wore? I think Sunflowers...and I was shocked to recently discover that this is still currently being sold at Walgreens.
15. What fragrance did you wear in high school and/or college? Do you/would you wear it again? I'm pretty sure it was Polo Sport for chicks, and it ALWAYS makes me think of the Chevron where everyone used to loiter. So random. And no, I don't think I'd wear it again.
16. What is your favorite fragrance that you currently wear? I LOVE Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy. The bf picked it out.
17. Where do you buy most of your make up and skin care products? My Mom - the Mary Kay lady!
18. What do you wash your face with? At night either Target brand Clean and Clear or Ponds (I love the one-stepness of it). In the a.m., Mary Kay's Timewise 3-in-1 Cleanser for Normal to Oily skin. I love it! It has little purple scrubby vitamin beads in it.
19. What product do you buy the most of? None really, but if I had to pick, either sunscreen or lip stuff.
20. What is your most recent beauty splurge/bargain? Splurge: I'd have to say Siggers Shampoo and Conditioner, although it was a gift... I have to say though, I will NEVER go back to cheap shampoo and conditioner. The difference is ridiculous. I had no idea. I guess that might be the best bargain too, since it was a gift!
21. Ladies, what was the first make up product that you were allowed to wear? I'm pretty sure it was either cover-up or powder. Problem skin always!
22. Pop quiz, hot shot: You've overslept and now you only have 5 minutes to get ready in the morning - what do you do? Hair in pony, brush teeth, deodorant, powder, mascara, lip stuff in the car on the way.
23. What does your daily skin care/make up routine consist of in the a.m.? Wash face with Mary Kay 3-in-1 Timewise Cleanser for Oily Skin, Mary Kay Oil Control Moisturizer (or MK Tinted Moisturizer with 25 SPF if we are going to the beach), foundation, powder, blush, bronzer (sometimes), light eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Jeez I sound like painted lady. It's not overkill - I promise.
24. What is your p.m. routine? Pond's or Target Brand Clean and Clear - depends on if I want to mess with water or not.
25. When you are getting ready for a special event or night out, how does your skin care/make up routine differ from your daily routine? It doesn't really; maybe a little heavier eye make-up and I might make a special effort to do something with my hair, although it ususally looks the same no matter what. I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to hair. Never have.
26. When you hit puberty, what aspect of growing up seemed the most exciting to you? Least exciting? Umm freedom. Although now I realize I may have been more "free" back then... Nothing really seemed unexciting to me - I was pumped about getting older. Not so much now...
27. Who were some of the first females in your life that you looked to for beauty advice? My mom always!
28. What beauty or skin care product can you not live without? Tweezers and lip stuff. It's a tie.
29. What beauty or skin care product do you spend the most kwan on? Face wash and moisturizers.
30. If you went on Survivor, what would your luxury item be and why? I don't watch survivor, so I don't really get this... maybe my phone? Is that allowed?
31. What magazines do you read for style/beauty tips? For some weird reason I have a subscription to Baazar, so I read that (sometimes), but I don't ever really pay attention to it. I did get a nail polish color out of the last one though. That was the only thing I've ever actually done.
32. What book have you recently read that you want everyone you know to read? Why? I seriously can't remember the last book I read... whoa that is so sad.
33. Where do you draw beauty inspiration from? Usually my stylish friends.
34. What is your health/beauty/skin care guilty pleasure? I considered it a splurge when I bought a new razor that had the shave stuff built around it, so I'll go with that.
35. What is your favorite lip balm/gloss/stick of all-time? Why is it your "ol' faithful"? MK's Beach Bronze lip shine - it is just the right amount of color, it's shimmery, tastes good and lasts forever.
36. What perfume are you dying to get a whiff of? Ummm can't think of any at the moment...
37. What new (or new-to-you) beauty or skin care product are you excited to try? That roller ball thing that is supposed to get rid of dark circles. I wish Glambunctious would do a review of it, actually...
38. Give us a good beauty tip you've learned from someone over the years. One of my BFF's used to wet a q-tip and use it to wipe off any wayward mascara really quickly - it works like a charm and you don't have to redo all your eye makeup.
39. Which celebrity(ies) do you think has(have) great style? Why? Courtney Cox is the first one that sprang to mind; she just always looks so polished and put together to me. Nowadays maybe a little too botoxed, but polished nonetheless.
40. What tips/tricks/products (if any) has your significant other picked up from you? Have you picked up anything from them? OMG he would wear a white t-shirt and khaki shorts every day if I would let him, so I don't think I've learned too much in the way of beauty from him. I think he'd say that he's learned not to wear boots with dress pants from me.
41. When you were 16, what beauty trends did you participate in? What about when you were 21? I'm not sure it was a "beauty" trend, but I remember wearing stickers on our faces alot. What the hell was that about? When I was 21... hmmm I can't remember really. I wore soffe shorts a bunch, because that's what you did when you were in college I guess.
42. If you could go back in time and stop yourself from participating in one beauty trend or fad, what would it be and why? The PERM - see #46.
43. If you could snap your fingers and have anyone else's __(ex. lips, hair, biceps, attitude, etc.)__ in the world, whose would it be? Jennifer Aniston's body.
44. What do you find beautiful about the opposite sex? Same sex? For both sexes, my top is attitude - no contest.
45. What beauty invention do you wish you'd thought of OR What beauty/skin care invention would you like to see? I wish I'd thought of laser hair removal. And I wish I could get it from head to toe also.
46. Worst reaction you've ever had to a beauty/skin care/hair product? Maybe the time I was eight and Mom decided I needed a perm. The lady forgot about me and that stinky solution sat on my hair too long and ran down my neck and back, burning my skin. Not cool.
47. What product completely disappointed you? Nair/Veet/any type of cream hair removal type thing. Totally useless, smelly waste of time.
48. What product have you used that ACTUALLY DID WHAT IT CLAIMED? Neutrogena spray self-tanner - this was before I lived in Florida and had a real tan. It was even and easy to use and didn't look orange or fake.
49. Where in the world would you love to travel? Tahiti. Or the Keys. Or a cruise. I SO need a vacation.
50. What store would you most like to receive a $1,000 shopping spree to? Ann Taylor - I need a new business wardrobe!
51. If you have/someday have a daughter, what beauty trend would you least like to see her sporting? Anything slutty.
52. If you could trade wardrobes with anyone in the world, who would it be? One of my best friends who has the best style/fashion sense ever!
53. When you travel, what beauty product do you never leave home without? Entire make-up bag and deodorant!
54. Name a hot beauty trend going on in the city in which you live. Everyone is very relaxed and beachy here. I find myself doing that more and more the longer we live here. Tank tops, shorts, and flops. Easy.
55. What beauty/skin care items are currently in your purse/bag? Burt's Bee's Original lip balm, Sonia something or another oil blotting papers, MK Ivory pressed powder, 55 rubber bands, MK Beach Bronze Lip Shine, MK Intensive Moisture hand cream, Purell. ALWAYS Purell.
56. What person that you know in real life has a style that you admire? The same friend who I would trade wardrobes with. She is not afraid to try new things and mix it up and she knows about all the fancy-schmancy designers and she's always put together. Love that about her!

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